demonstrate the first stage of the GIM process

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Project: Draft of Client System Role Play Script

For the final project, you will demonstrate the first stage of the GIM process: Engagement. In a 5-minute role-play, you will not be able to adequately demonstrate the entire GIM model and, therefore, you are only expected to provide a brief segment of one of the stages. For this role-play, you will play a social work intern conducting a routine client intake at a fictional agency of your choice.

The first step is to present a general idea for the video role-play. This step is crucial in order to receive feedback before going further so that your project does not become unwieldy or too difficult to produce. This is also a good time to start asking friends and associates to play the role of your client. You may role-play an interview with a child as the client, but the actual actor needs to be an adult.

Assignment Client System Role Play Script:

Using the Role Play Script Template provided in the week 5 resources, provide a description of the role-play and a draft of your script. Based on instructor feedback, you will further develop the script and submit this document as PART B of the Week 9 project.

By Day 7

Submit the Role Play Script, which should include:

Your role play script should include:

  • A description of the fictional agency setting and types of services provided at this agency.
  • A description of the client system (depending on the client level you selected—micro, mezzo or macro).
  • An explanation of the presenting concern
  • A description of the client session scene
  • Identification of possible practice skills you may use for working with this client system
  • A draft script which outlines a scene that includes:
    • Greeting the client (for the first time)
    • Demonstrating effective attending skills
    • Discussing agency services and client expectations
    • Deciding if the agency and worker can help
    • Offering agency and worker services to the client
    • Orienting the client to the helping process, including:
      • A discussion of confidentiality
      • A discussion of social work intern’s role

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