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Paper instructions:

Assignment: Developing a Plan of Action

Introduction: Description of the Organization and the Identified Area Where Change is Needed (1 page)
For the first step of the planning process, you will identify a positive change that would improve your organization (or one that you are familiar with).
o Briefly describe the organization, why you feel this change is necessary, and how the organization would benefit from this change. Be sure and build a firm case on why this change is crucial.

Section 1: Establishing a Sense of Urgency (2 pages)
For this first section of your plan of action, identify any areas of complacency within the organization, outline a plan for creating urgency. Use the Exercise on pages 34–35 of the course text, The Heart of Change, as a guideline in the process (uploaded to the order).

Section 2: Creating a Guiding Coalition (1 page)
For this section, outline the individuals that would be important to include in your guiding coalition. You do not need to use names, but describe the role each plays in the organization and what each would contribute to guiding the change process. Defend why this group is ideal for this coalition over other possibilities.

Section 3: Developing a Vision and a Strategy (2 pages)
Reflect on the change you are proposing in your plan of action. Now, envision your company or organization in the future. Consider how your organization will be different if your change is enacted. What is your clear vision for the change you are suggesting and its impact on your organization?
For Section 3, you will put your vision for change into words. Assume you are writing a description of this organization for an industry magazine as it will appear after all your suggested changes have been implemented. In this section discuss:
o Describe how your company will have changed 5 years into the future. In composing your overall vision, include a discussion of each of the six characteristics of an effective vision that are discussed within your text.
o Include how this company will look from the following perspectives:
? Employees
? Customers

Section 4: Communicating the Change Vision (2 pages included in a PowerPoint presentation)
Developing a comprehensive vision and plan for change is only effective if that vision can be successfully and accurately communicated to those within the organization.
This week you will formulate a plan for presenting the change vision you developed in Section 3. Remember the importance of helping others both “see” and “feel” the change. Include the following elements in your plan:
o Develop an analogy or metaphor that describes your vision. From this analogy or metaphor, develop a brief motto or slogan that would help individuals stay focused on the change.
o Develop a 5-slide PowerPoint presentation that visually communicates the vision.
o Explain how you would use organizational networks and values to spread your message.

Please include and Introduction and Conclusion. Provide a minimum of 8 APA resources. Thanks

References: Or other references of your choice

Kotter, J. P., & Cohen, D. S. (2002). The heart of change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Kotter, J. P. (2012). Leading change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

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