Diagnose a movie character, psychology homework help

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Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to diagnose a well-known fictional character (from a movie, TV show, book, etc.) with a possible psychological disorder. However, before your diagnosis can be made, you must first prove that you know what the disorder is. Next, you will offer a viable treatment option for this individual, based on the various forms of therapy discussed in class and in the textbook.

Assignments must be at least 1 page double spaced (about 250 words) minimum. Formatting will not count towards the grade, but spelling, grammar, and clarity of content will be considered.

Part 1 (25 points). Identify a psychological disorder and discuss specific research from the textbook and/or lecture (e.g., biological, psychological, and socio/cultural influences, prevalence, gender differences, etc.). You can also use outside sources (e.g., National Institute of Health website), but be sure to cite any/all sources used in a works cited section at the end of your assignment. Next, identify a famous character of your choice (must be fictitious – no real people) and discuss why you think he/she may have signs of this disorder. You should be specific by providing examples of behavior and/or other symptoms.

Part 2 (25 points). Based on your chosen character, and the disorder he/she may have, what treatment plan would you recommend? Describe this therapy and make a case for why you think it is appropriate for your chosen character.


Your main focus should be in describing the disorder and the treatment, and any discussion about the character is secondary. This is to ensure that your paper is scholarly in nature, and proves your understanding of the psychological topic at hand. Cite any sources used other than the textbook and course materials. Responses should be at least one page double-spaced. No specific format is required, but overall organization is important. Plagiarism will result in a 0 and possible further action being taken with the Office of Academic Affairs. Upload a file on Canvas, or directly enter your text into the text box. Papers are automatically checked for plagiarism with Canvas’ VeriCite software.


You are not a trained clinical psychologist; please do not try and diagnose yourself or anyone else in real life! If you feel troubled by symptoms of disorder, please see a trained expert


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