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3. The Structure

You are expected to write the essay following the structure below:


The cover page should contain the following information:

Title of Assignment

Name and code of module

Your name and student number

Table of contents


ca 150 words

Introduce the topic of your choice by presenting the main idea of the essay to capture the interest of your reader and tell why your topic is important. Your Introduction should end with a thesis statement describing the main idea. You can provide some background information about your topic. You can use interesting facts, quotations, or definitions of important terms you will use later in the essay.


ca 500 words

You should identify the relevant literature, extract necessary information in form of opinions and viewpoints that should be further compared or contrasted depending on their nature. You are expected to use minimum 4 resources of different kinds: book, journal/magazine/newspaper article, e-book, Internet website. Use your summarizing and paraphrasing skills to present the extracted information properly. All the sources should be acknowledged in the text of the review according to The Harvard Style (see your Handout).


ca 700 words

Following the design of the Questionnaire you are supposed to conduct your research among a group of respondents of your choice of minimum 10 people. Your respondents can be your class mates, tutors, colleagues or someone who is related to the field of your research. The results of the research, the data, should be presented in tables, described in detail and followed by a short on conclusion demonstrating the main trend shown by the respondents.


ca 150 words

You should summarize the results of your research presenting the most important findings without repeating the information provided in the Discussion of the Results.


not included in the word count

You should provide the list of sourced that you used in your Literature review, arranged according to The Harvard Style. Do not include any sources that were not used in the Review.


not included in the word count

Appendix should contain your Questionnaire that was used for collecting the data for the analysis.


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