ECE 101 Learning Approaches

Learning Approaches

As you learned in your textbook, there are several different learning approaches that can be used in early childhood education. It is important that you are able to determine which approach to teaching you connect with the most, so that you feel confident about how you are teaching your students. This discussion will allow you to share your thoughts regarding different learning approaches. 

To begin, take a few minutes to read the book below, titled “A Tale of Five Classrooms.” When reading this book, you will encounter five different classroom scenarios. Each of the scenarios describes a classroom that follows one of the five main approaches (Creative Curriculum, direct instruction, HighScope, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia) that are shared in our textbook. 


After reading “A Tale of Five Classrooms,” you will: Determine which of the classrooms/learning approaches is most like the classroom(s) when you attended school. Did you enjoy being in this type of classroom? Why, or why not?

Explain which classroom/learning approach aligns with the type of classroom environment you would like to create for your students by clearly stating at least three  examples from the scenario that you would like to see in your own classroom. Make sure to include the name of the classroom/learning approach you are discussing (Montessori, High Scope, etc.).

Use specific examples from the description as well as at least one scholarly source to explain why you believe the learning approach you chose would be an effective model for early childhood education.

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