ece 354 w3 assessment amp intervention during early childhood journal

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Supporting Early Learning

So far in this course you have learned about the various reasons and also some of the benefits for assessing young children.  Among those benefits discussed this week is the support of student learning in the various domains (cognitive, physical, etc.).  For this journal entry, visit the website “Early Learning: America’s Middle Class Promise Begins Early.”  After briefly researching early learning programs such as those listed on the website (e.g. Ready to Learn Television, The Title I Program, etc.), choose one (or two) that you feel is (are) beneficial for the age group of students with which you desire to work.  Reflect on why you would advocate for this early learning program and how it will specifically impact you in your work with children.   

Journal Options:

  1. A written reflection.
  2. Create a Screenr.  If you choose this option, you will be able to record your screen and show the programs that are shared on the Early Learning: America’s Middle Class Promise Begins Early website that you feel are beneficial.  While showing the programs, you will be able to talk and record your reflection as to why you would use these programs. You can view directions for making a Screenr below.

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