EDU 324 week DQ 1

  Historical Events

Please list five significant historical events/leaders from this era (Chapters One and Two) and choose two to compare and contrast. Your Discussion Forum response will satisfy the following requirements:

 List five events and the date each event/leader occurred.


     Here are some leaders you can use:


           John Cabot


           Christopher Columbus


John Calvin


Martin Luther ( )


            Philipp Melanchthon


            John Campbel



 Choose two events and complete a Venn diagram showing (at least three in each category) the similarities and differences of each chosen event.  Address three of the following points. These events are still significant today because____.  If I could change the outcome of one of my listed events, I would change___ because____. If only one of these events/individuals could have taken place/existed, I would chose ___ because____.  If I could change the outcome of one of my chosen events, I would choose___ because____.  What would you say is the most important result of each of your chosen events? 


Book: Webb, L. D. (2014). History of American Education: Voices and Perpectives. San Deigo: Bridgepoint Education.

I provided an example attachment of the venn diagram


If you have any questions in regards to this DQ please feel free to ask. Thank you!



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