Educational Policy, Practice, and Diversity SLP

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The Session Long Project provides you with an opportunity to identify and explore an issue related to cultural diversity and education. You will submit a portion of your paper at the conclusion of each module.

Module 3: Current Educational Policy and Practices

In the Module 2 Session Long Project you discussed “what we know” about your topic. In this part of the SLP, you will conduct a brief search of scholarly articles and education policy to summarize the current policies and practices in place that attempt to address the issue under study.

Chapter 8: Schooling Causes of the Achievement Gap: The Instructional Programs (p. 147 – 179)

Chapter 9: Schooling Causes of the Achievement Gap: School Culture, Structure, and Support (p. 180 – 204)
Murphy, J. (2010). The Educator’s Handbook for Understanding and Closing Achievement Gaps. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Corwin.

Chapter 3: Examining the Relationship Between Public Policy and Performance in Five States (p. 38 – 62)
Perna, L. W., & Finney, J. E. (2014). The Attainment Agenda : State Policy Leadership in Higher Education. Baltimore, Md: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Part 4: Education Policy, Reform, and Student Performance (p. 163 – 220)
Ikpa, V. W., & McGuire, C. K. (2008). Policy, Leadership, and Student Achievement : Implications for Urban Communities. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

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