Emergency Health services Management

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Answer these following questions in a paragraph style. be very specific with your answers and use good references. This assignment has to be a very high quality answers due to the professor expectations. APA format.

1. Discuss the departments that you believe should fall
into the Administrative department of an Emergency Medical Services system. Discuss why you
made these decisions. Support your answer.

2. What role does mission and vision play on the set up of
the operational side of an Emergency medical service? Under what conditions would an
operational role perhaps move to an administrative function dust to
mission or vision? Support your answer.

3. You are creating a system that runs 10 BLS units ( 2
EMTS) and 5 ALS units (2 ALS providers) 24/7/365. There is also a BLS
unit that runs M-F 0900-1700. (9 am to 5 pm) .

EMTs make $10/hour and ALS makes $20/hour

Excluding overtime or benefits, calculate the bi-weekly pay for these road crews. Show your work.

THEN, discuss if this set up is the most efficient for a system that
runs 80% basic life support (BLS) calls and 20% advanced life support (ALS) calls with a 0800-1400 (8 am – 2 pm)
spike in service requests M-F. Why or why not? Support your answer.


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