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Module 5 Discussion 1: Counterargument Brainstorming


1.For your Module 5 Assignment: Researched Rebuttal Argument Essay, you will write a rebuttal argument to a specific person or organization’s position argument. Consider the following topic choice guidelines:

oChoose an issue that affects you personally because of some element of your identity. You can explore topic ideas in the CCCOnline Library’s Points of View Reference Center database if you need help brainstorming.

oFind a person or organization who holds an opinion that you disagree with. You will construct your essay in opposition/rebuttal to their specific arguments.

2.Think: Brainstorm topic ideas that interest and affect you, and potentially affect your community and beyond. Then find a specific argument on that topic that you disagree with. Consider the specific points or arguments that person or organization makes on the topic.

3.Write: Write a topic proposal for your essay. Include the following information:

oWhat issue will you write about, and how does it affect you personally?

oWhose position, specifically, will you refute (which person or organization)?

oWhat is this person’s position on your topic?

oWhat is your position on the topic?

oList five main arguments that the person or organization (your audience/opposition) has on this topic that you will argue against.

oList 2-3 possible sources.

Module 5 Discussion 2: Source Evaluation


1.Research: Use the CCCOnline Library databases to locate at least two quality academic sources on your topic. You may use any of the databases you are interested in searching. If you aren’t sure where to begin looking, some suggested databases are:

oAcademic Search Complete

oGlobal Issues in Context

oPoints of View Reference Center


2.Think: Review the resource on the CRAAP Analysis method from the Exploration page. Consider the currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose of each of your sources. What does this evaluation tell you about using those sources in your own writing?

3.Write: Write a short evaluation paragraph for each source. Then, write an additional paragraph where you compare the two sources based on your evaluations of the sources.

4.Include a correctly formatted Works Cited entry for each source. Need help with MLA? Please refer to the CCCOnline MLA Citation Toolkit, or consult the Purdue OWL for how to create a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page.

Module 5 Assignment: Researched Rebuttal Argument Essay


1.Research: Continue researching the topic you chose in Discussion 1. Find credible sources to help you understand your opposition (at least one source should be your opposition’s argument) and to help you support your rebuttal arguments.

oYour topic should be a specific person’s or organization’s position on an issue that affects you because of some aspect of your identity.

oFor example, if farming is important to your identity, you might choose to write a letter to Michael Bennet arguing that the 2014 Farm Bill that he helped create should be repealed.

2.Pre-Write: What is your opposition’s position on this topic? Explore their perspective. What are their main claims and arguments? Why do they think the way they do about the issue? What is at stake for them? What common ground do you have between your perspectives? What kinds of evidence can you use to refute their positions and arguments? How can you make them understand your perspective?

3.Write: Write a letter to your opposition. Craft a letter to your specific person or organization, and refute their arguments.

oIntroduction: Directly address your audience (your opposition). Explain the controversy, as you understand it. Establish common ground between your perspectives. End with a thesis that states your position.

oCounterargument: Examine your opposition’s main arguments one at a time, and refute them. Directly address their claims and positions on the issue, and then argue against those claims. Give direct support for your rebuttal arguments.

oConclusion: Synthesize your main arguments. Re-establish common ground, and let your reader know what you want them to do, think, or feel after reading your essay. What are your reader’s next steps?

4.Tips for Success:

oBe sure to tailor your arguments and support to your specific audience (your opposition), and address that audience directly. Incorporate their specific arguments, and refute them directly.

oBe sure your rebuttal arguments are supported by clear reasons and relevant evidence.

oYour essay should be approximately 1,200 words.

oYou should use 3-5 sources for this essay. At least two of your sources must be academic sources.

oYour essay should contain 2-3 quotations from your sources, and should paraphrase other main ideas. Use your sources effectively, and stay in control of your argument. Be sure to use quotation marks and in-text citations appropriately and responsibly.

§Create a correctly formatted Works Cited page with an entry for each source you cite within your essay.

oPlease be sure to use correct MLA Style for your essay and to create an MLA Works Cited page. Need help with MLA? Please refer to the CCCOnline MLA Citation Toolkit, or consult the Purdue OWL for more information on general MLA format or how to create a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page.

oProofread your work before submission.

Module 4 Discussion 2: Drawing Conclusions: What Are Different Types of Genetic Disorders?


1.Choose one genetic disorder from the following list: Disease List.

2.Conduct some research on the disorder you chose (remember to write down your sources). Start your discussion post with a description of the genetic disorder. Focus on the inheritance pattern of the disorder (autosomal dominant, X-linked, etc.) and the genotype and phenotype of a person with the disorder.

3.In your initial post, delve more deeply into the inheritance of the disorder by answering the following questions:

oWhat has changed in that gene to allow it to cause a genetic disorder? Be specific and explain how this differs from the gene’s normal function.Is it possible for parents to not have the disorder, but pass it on to their children?

oWhat kind of dominance pattern does it show?

oWhat problem(s) is/are caused to a person who inherits this gene? Is this gene typically inherited from the mother or the father?

oFinally, describe an experiment that you could use to determine if a new drug is effective at treating the disorder. Be sure to mention the independent, dependent and control variables.

4.Finally, consider how you could use the scientific method to draw conclusions about this disorder or to treat this disorder.

5.All references must be cited using APA Style. Please refer to the CCCOnline APA Citation Toolkit.

6.Review resources on how to conduct library searches using the CCCOnline Library.


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