EntrepreneurshipFeasibility AnalysisProf. Orlando Luis PerezUNIBEIvan Reyes Siri / 14-012204/10/15Ex

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EntrepreneurshipFeasibility AnalysisProf. Orlando Luis PerezUNIBEIvan Reyes Siri / 14-012204/10/15Executive SummaryTechnology is dominating what we call commerce, every single Company is using technology asa base for their operations, but what happens when people don’t know about this advantagethat we have to our disposition? Or just that they don’t have the facilities to use it?Sometime people just need someone or something to facilitate this type of advantages to thecommunity, not because they are poor, illiterate or ignorant if not because the location haven’texperience this advantages and people just don’t know about them.Online Shopping became popular a couple of years ago, where the customer just needed to login, type in the address and they would have the package in a couple of days at their door step.In this analysis we will be seen how this system can be implemented in certain areas of the Dominican Republic, areas that are not register in the address nor mapping system, places peopleis actually demanding this service, not just in the Dominican Republic, the entire world is demand this type of services when people need help in making online order or sometimes theyjust need the hardware to complete the desire task, at the end of the day we are just startingthis technological era.We are going to analyze costs, what people think about the service, what would be the risk andlast but not least set goals in order to know where we are heading ourselves. With the help ofgraphs, surveys, research and dedication this idea is being transformed from been just that, intoan actual business called Order to Go.Service we willofferOrder to go is assimple as bringingto the most ru-ral areas of the Do-minican Republic the option to order online, but the vision of this particular innovative businessis to actually serve as an assisted shopping. It would offer the customers not only the satisfaction of bringing from abroad an item not being sold here that they need or want without havingto travel and to get it but also we will order it for you. The entire Idea of Order to go is the following you as a customer enter the facility, it doesn’t matter if you have a bank account, if knowabout internet or if you don’t know how to use a computer, we would do all of that for you. Thecustomer just tells the sell assistant what they want and would automatically search for optionsand show it to you right away, you would analyze the product with the description to see if thatis what you really want and your order would be placed right away without having to worryabout the time, the place or if it was placed right, you as a customer just tell us what you wantand let Order to Go worry about the rest.Our goal is to offer you the relief of preoccupation, where customers don’t have to worry aboutthe package getting here wrong, or you having to get a credit card to make an online purchasepossible, needing to buy a computer to place the order or just not being able to do it becausetheir house is not registered in the map system. Make things affordable but at the same timecreating a sustainable business above all is our vision and making one of the smartest curriers inthe Dominican Republic is our innovation.We will be facing challenges because entering this type of businesses in a market that is completely new at this, the marketing strategy and the support personnel, needs to be very qualifyand dedicated to make the people know about it and at the same time create a comfort of usingthe business.Market StudyWe are planning on targeting the low middle and high middle class of certain rural locations inthe Dominican Republic, where people are able to pay the cost of an item and be willing to paya percentage of the cost for the service provided. In order to know if the project is feasible weconducted a survey:Surveys Conducted: 145Location: Cenovi, San Francisco de MacorisAges: 18-50AgesPeople interviewed18-205020-307530-401540-505With an astonishing result they all said yes to the idea and the 145 were very existed of havingsomething like that in the community, and here is a chart representing the percentage of peopleby ages using the service.3%10%34%18­2020­3030­4040­5052%A plus for the community that everyone mention in the survey was the fact that this idea couldactually increase productivity in certain areas of other business by ordering new equipment thatthey need but don’t have a way of get it because it is only sold in the united states, also kids andyoung adults could enjoy buying different things just for pleasure, as shown in the graph, theyare going to be the ones using Order to Go the most.SupplierWe are going need to be able to satisfy an entire community of necessities and for that weshould be able to offer the majority of web pages selling all type of stuff, from farming materialsto iPods to toys and things of that sort that Order to Go should be able to offer. For the openingwe will start offering services from:-Amazon-eBay-Walmart-Etsy-Target-IKea (Pared with the Dominican warehouse)-Macy’s-Home Depot-Kmart-Buy.comThose are the ones we will start with which are the primary suppliers of the basic product andcommon ordered shipped directly to a locker we would have in Miami, shipped then directly tous.LocationThe location would be inside the same community in the main street, it would be a 100 Squaremeters’ retail, it would have an office and service to the client just after you enter the store. Thespace is part of a new building that some investors are building to fulfil some necessities peoplefrom that area are demand being Order to go on of them. The rent of this premises will includewater, electricity and maintenance which would represent less payments and less things toworry about.Marketing StrategyOur marketing Strategy would be based on a tendency, experience and online marketing. Wewould have the advantage of being the first business in that are of expertise giving the advantage of becoming the first in a new tendency that we could create as a new movement and innovative idea, sell the new experience that even the big cities don’t have and sell the fact thatwe are the first in the country offering that service, a business based on online interactive ordering. We need to make more mouth to mouth advertisement than creating big signboards inthe street, be more cozy with our clients in order to sell the experience of a bond between usand every single one of our customers. Also we believe that people will come alone little by little due to the necessity of 100% they have at the moment (relying on the previously done survey).ScheduleThe Schedule is planned to be completed in 4 months in order to open in august or before, theoption of partners can be substituted with a bank loan everything depend on the final decision.StaffingWe would have 2 employees as selling staff in the front with 2 computers, 1 floor manager totake care of delicate situations and the owner which would be in the office in the back plus anadditional employee moving the packages. In total there would be 4 employees and the owner.Benefits and pricesOne thing that we need to focus in is the fact that this would be aim to people with lower resources that probably just have the exact money to purchase the item so we can’t charge a lotof money for the service per se. we need to manage between the price per pound and a 10%for the service of doing the purchase for you. At the end you would pay the price of the itemplus a 10% of the total with shipping included, they would pay that upfront and after the package arrives they pay the fee of delivery which would be 5 dollars per pound.BudgetExpected sales would be $6,800.00 per month, minus all the expenses, would give the owner aprofit of $2,530.00, this can change depending on the amount of sales per month.ConclusionBusiness are hard to start but if you have a great idea, if you do things with the right mindsetand do everything with an organize pattern, just as this one presented before, your businesswould get you a high profit and create a couple of new jobs for people who actually need them.Is a project I would actually consider to establish once I encounter myself with a couple of dollars and a lot of free time.


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