Environmental & Financial Analysis PaperComplete an environmental scan and economic analysis on…

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Environmental & Financial Analysis PaperComplete an environmental scan and economic analysis on your selected department, group, division, function, or organization—for which you create a strategic plan—including the remote, industry, and operating environments. Write a 5-full page environmental and financial analysis in which you describe your organization’s situation completely and accurately. You must identify any major changes you expect to affect your remote, industry, or operating environments in the next 5 to 10 years. Your analysis must complete the following:Utilize a macroeconomic forecast of economic indicators that affect your chosen organization in the future and must be considered part of strategic planning.Analyze the noneconomic factors in the remote environment, including the following: Social and cultural Political Technological DemographicComplete a competitive analysis of your organization’s position from a microeconomic perspective based on the pricing of the organization’s primary product or service line, an assessment of its cost structure, and an assessment of the market in which the organization competes. This is a discussion, not a spreadsheet.Write 5 full page of text in APA Format with at least 4 peer review references. Remember to include a cover page!Policy: you must use peer-reviewed articles to support your research, in APA Format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from yahoo.com or google.com, as they present a biased opinion.Safe Assign is a plagiarism detection software that is integrated in Submit Assignment. All written assignments submitted to Submit Assignment will be automatically analyzed and a report generated. So, Do Not Copy, and Look for grammatical and usage errors, as well as for spelling mistakes.


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