Enzyme Catalyzed Reations (Catalase Lab) Lab Report

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The rubric for the lab report will be attached along with all my collected data.

My group and I did the “Effect of Enzyme Concentration on Reaction Rate”. This is important because this lab requires you to only describe the experiment that I did, UNTIL #5 (RESULTS) & #6 (DISCUSSION), then the other experiments can be individually discussed.

For the results, there has to be 4 tables and/or graphs (1 for each experiment). Appropriate software must be used for this. (This will all be attached below, but feel free to ask if you need anything)

Also, where you see a “Trial 2” data table, is the data that another group collected from doing the same experiment. So in the results there is only 1 table/ graph per experiment. There are 4 experiments (2 of them have a second trial). So for those with a second trial, you have to take both trials & collect the avg. With that create 1 table/ graph.

Page 100 of the lab must be completed (The bottom 3 questions) and attached with the report. So I have attached it below for you to complete.

Please also be careful with the references, because this professor is very picky!! She recommended us to use our school’s database, however I’m sure any other database sources will work just as fine as well!

This is due April 4th, so it would be great to get it by or before tomorrow morning (before 9am central time)

Thank you!!! 🙂


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