Essay Graduate Level – 600 words – APA Format

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Using your own words, describe the meaning of “shared vision” in a team and specifically explain how a shared vision contributes to a high performance team culture. Also, please explain three (3) practical ways that a team leader can use to promote a shared vision within a team.

600 words minimum, APA Format, 3 cited References. ***Be sure to clearly outline the 3 practical ways by using words such as first, second and last)

  1. The response reflects a clear understanding of the question. This includes specifically addressing each element of the question and also providing justification/support for assertions made throughout the response.
  2. The response reflects critical thinking and the application of appropriate concepts/ideas from the course
  3. The response reflects critical thinking and original ideas, not answers directly out of the textbook or another outside source. Again, responses should also include justification/support.
  4. The response has an appropriate length (see sample Discussion Board response for guidance on the appropriate length).
  5. The response is well written, reflecting clarity of thought, as well as correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  6. The response appropriately cites (i.e., using APA guidelines) any outside sources, including the course text, that were used in formulating the response

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