Essay Process Essay 3

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Reading Assignments:

  1. Gerald Graff, “Hidden Intellectualism” (369-375)
  2. Anne-Marie Slaughter, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” (534-554)
  3. Michael Pollan, “Escape from the Western Diet” (624-631)

Writing Assignments:

  1. Process Essay 3: Part 1–Two-page (double-spaced) critical summary of the primary text (Graff, Slaughter, or Pollan)

Process Essay 3 (Part 1-Critical Summary of Primary Text)

Note: Please review the complete instructions for Process Essay 3 (Part 4) so that you see how this step fits into the larger paper.

Directions for this assignment:

1. Choose one of the texts you read for this unit that you would like to research a little further.

2. Write a Two-page double-spaced critical summary of the text. In the summary be sure to include a discussion of the author’s main argument. Discuss the specific evidence that the author uses in the development of his or her argument.

3. At the end of your summary, write a few sentences that explain the idea from the text that you would like to explore further.

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