Explain the structure of a well-defined marketing research problem, including the broad statement and the specific components.       

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INSTRUCTION: Please answer ALL questions below.

Part A: Long Essay Question (60 marks)


1) Well-designed and conducted market research can help you make smarter decisions by providing you with information about your constituents, including their feelings, motivations, plans, beliefs, behavior and personal backgrounds. This information can be used in a variety of ways, including to identify opportunities, develop programs, and improve performance.

Many times research will help steer your path by making educated guesses about the best course of action.


Define and discuss the 11 steps of the marketing research process.

[60 marks]




Part B: Short Essay Questions (40 marks)


2) How do ideas for market research arise? First of all, someone has to know something about the capabilities of market research before they can think of it as a possible solution. Most people know something about market research in a general sense. They know it can be used to find out how many people do something or think something. But do they fully appreciate that it can be used to work out how much people are prepared to pay for each feature of a product? Do they know that you can work out the importance of issues that influence customer satisfaction without asking the customer how important each issue is? If you don’t know what something can do, it is fully understandable that it may not come to mind.


Explain the structure of a well-defined marketing research problem, including the broad statement and the specific components.                                                                                                                                                      [10 marks]





3) Placed within the fast-growing and swiftly shifting arena of Internet research, this question focuses general categories for considering both the enabling and constraining aspects of new communication technologies, from which the reader can develop his or her own unique approach. Adopting the Internet as a means of augmenting traditional studies requires attention to the creative possibilities as well as to the foundations of qualitative inquiry, so that one’s decisions to use the Internet are both epistemologically and methodologically sound. To review some of the important considerations:

  • The Internet is defined variously as a communication medium, a global network of connections, and a scene of social construction.
  • The shape and nature of Internet communication is defined in context, negotiated by users that may adapt hardware and software to suit their individual or community needs.



Discuss how the Internet can facilitate the implementation of different types of research designs.

[10 marks]



4) The term culture is difficult to define and measure, as its influence in marketing research is felt rather than directly observed, and its nature is diverse. Social scientists have standardized the use of culture in marketing studies to the values it gives to personality, time pattern, action and reaction, and self-concepts. This type of categorization, attributed mainly to Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck (1961), allows cultural studies in terms of the individual, power distance, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, and Confucian Dynamics or collectivism. Within this paradigm, researchers are now equipped with several approaches for tackling cultural phenomena.


Describe how culture influences the environmental context of an international marketing research.

[20 marks]



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