Family Nurse Practitioner – current trends or issues and impact on patient outcomes

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Considering your role specialization – family NP – identify the top three current trends or issues that you believe to be most important with regard to your chosen role and the impact the role has one patient outcomes. Synthesize knowledge from values theory, ethics and legal regulatory statutes, and develop your personal philosophy for a career as an advanced practice nurse in DQ1.Incorporate the content of Week 5 ( audio-visuals) .

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AP Role Elevator Interview

My role as an advanced practice nurse will majorly focus on improving the health of the adult community in the acute care setting. I will not only be tied to them but when a need arises I can also give a hand in taking care of other patients. The good thing about my career is that it has a wider domain of practice, therefore, it cannot be regulated in whichever situation I lend a hand to ensure that the patients get a high-quality care. A recent review demonstrated that the availability of advanced practice nurses in a clinical setting improved the patients’ satisfaction, mortality, treatment, and length of admission (Woo, Lee & San Tam, 2017). I will be able to show my assessment and management roles of nursing through the knowledge, skills, and experience that I had gained during my internships. My other roles will include prescribing medications, conducting diagnosis, and referrals.

I first obtained my associate degree at a local community college. I later went for my degrees and further master. Joining masters made me not to become limited in what I can practice. I previously worked for 25 years as an emergency room nurse and after my completion of masters; I worked in a broader role where I could use my abilities in a more independent roles.

Through my capabilities in the delivery of services, I will strive to promote a healthier community and wellness for a better outcome. My role as an advanced practice nurse will not be confined to the clinical work thus will enable me to be more engaged in mobile clinical activities in assessing the adult population . The implementation of my role in emergency and critical care setting will improve the patients’ health outcome. Working in collaboration with my colleagues will make us transform the healthcare delivery system thus alleviating forthcoming high demand for health care services. Nevertheless, the healthcare that will be provided will prepare for a receptive context that will lead to sustainable change.

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