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For this post, most of my information does come from the streaming, Bible Screts Revealed: Lost in Translation. I found this video very interesting from a stand point of an agnostic. After watching the video, I came to the decision that I don’t exactly think that scripture is necessary for the existence of religion. One of the most important facts that was provided in the video is that the base religion of Christianity was alive for more than 300 years prior to The New Testament coming into the world. So it begs the question of, if the Gospel of the Bible is suppose to be written by people that physically knew Jesus, but if it was written 300 years later, who actually wrote it? Why would the people that wrote it give credit to Mark, Luke, John, Matthew? I also don’t believe that it is necessary to interpret the scripture, as the video pointed out, the scriptures weren’t even written his Jesus’ native tongue, it was written in Greek. It was also socially okay to write stories about gods and goddesses that were completely fictional with the exception of a truth being in the underlying message of the scripture. So I do not believe that scripture is necessary for existence, nor is it necessary to interpret the scripture.

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