Film analysis

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Please see instructions attache!!

the assignment is to demonstrate the culmination of practice skills and knowledge from
Practice I, Practice II, Clinical Theory, and Clinical Practice in their focus area. This is a
capstone assignment that integrates knowledge from throughout the MSW program as it relates
to social work practice.
1. Watch a movie from the approved list*. You will write a paper explaining the four stages of intervention and the various components that are encompassed in each stage.

2. Write an assessment of a client or client system from the movie “Fences” that covers the four stages of intervention. Approach your work from your focus area (child/family or health/mental health). Compare and contrast aspects of the movie with examples from your field placement(s).

3. Engagement
o Discuss how you would engage your client(s). What aspects of the client(s)’ culture are relevant and how would you use these in engagement?
o How would you encourage or foster participation from the client(s) in determining treatment goals and planning?
o Use research on culture relevant to the client to inform your engagement plan.
o Identify client strengths and explain how these would be used in the treatment process.
o How would you use historical and contemporary contexts to inform your work with this client?
o How would you manage your use of self to allow the client to teach you about their race, culture, and who they are?

4. Assessment
o Assess the client(s) using a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach.
o How would you use this assessment to select and modify an intervention?
o What techniques would you use to address the issues identified in your assessment? Be sure to cite research and identify evidence-based practices.
o How might you utilize other professionals to collaborate and coordinate treatment?
o Apply relevant sections of the Code of Ethics (using citations) to your work with this client. How would the Code of Ethics inform your practice?
o How would you use yourself in your practice with the client? That is, what social work roles (e.g. educator, mediator, broker, etc.) would you employ in order to intervene with the client(s)?

5. Evaluation
o How will you evaluate your work with the client(s)?
o Using a single-subject design, what is your plan for evaluating outcomes?
o What recommendations do you have that would contribute to the knowledge-base on best practices? Based on your evaluation, what contributions to you have to the profession?

MOVIE: Silver Linings Playbook(2012)

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