Film Sites Review

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The purpose of this assignment is
to review film sites and to share your reviews with your peers. This is
similar to our assignment on Book Reviews, but in this case you are
exploring ‘professional’ reviewers. You will need to critically assess
the relationship between what professional reviewers consider quality
(‘great’) films and what audiences typically see and pay for. This means
you will need to think about all the ways in which these two lists are
different, but also how they might inform each other, interact with each
other, and speak to audiences.

Action Items

  1. Review the following two film sites:
  2. Your post shall include the following information
    and shall be at least 200 words in length. Think about the following

    • What do these lists tell you about the relationship between what
      is considered a ‘great film’ and what people are most likely to pay for?
    • How are art and commerce related?

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