Final Exam

Make sure your document is either docx. or pdf.   If I can’t open or read your document, you will receive a zero.  If you send your essay late or if you email your essay, you will not get any credit.  No late exams.  No email submissions.

You are required to cite both textbooks at least five times,  each class lecture (CANVAS) at least twice, and each discussion topic at least once in your essay.  Please incorporate CANVAS discussion posts into your essay if they relate to your topics.  Provide a bibiography or works cited page.  

Your final exam will require you to answer 2 essay questions (each question between 4 to 5 pages), a total of 8 to 10 pages for both questions. 



How have *race,* *the racialization process* and *the law* informed, affected, and defined the Asian American/Pacific Islander experiences and social identity in the United States?  Name a minimum of 10 definitive legal cases that have contributed to the racialization process of Asian Pacific Islander Americans and impacted their experiences and social positionality in the United States.  Provide a sociohistorical context and explain their significant role in defining what it means to be an “Asian American” and more importantly, “American.” 

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