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Case (select the link): First Internet Bank of Indiana

1.) In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

2.) Evaluate how well the design of the First IB Web site meets the needs of a potential small business customer. Discuss the elements of the site that work particularly well in meeting the needs of this type of site visitor. Outline specific changes you would make to the site to better meet the needs of a potential small business customer.

3.) Assume you are a security consultant hired by First IB. The president of the bank has become concerned about the potential damage that a phishing expedition directed at First IB customers could do to the bank’s reputation. In about 500 words, analyze the phishing threat that faces First IB and outline steps that First IB should take to counter the threat.

4.) Create a list of specific concerns that a consumer might have when considering an online- only bank. Write a narrative for each concern that describes how First IB addresses or fails to address it.

Each question needs to be 250 words or more.

APA Format

In text citation

References the article that is provide, reading material, and anything else that you can you use, however please make sure you use what I provide as a reference.

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