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In the novel, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, the disturbing conditions of factories and in particular the meat packing district of Chicago were vividly described. Review the excerpt from this work found in the Industrial Revolution Content folder and answer the following questions. Due Feb 11, 2018 (Please answer in complete sentences)

1. What did you think was the most disturbing part about the article?

2. Why was the meat allowed to be prepared and sold in that condition?

3. Why do you think the factory owners allowed such poor sanitation to exist?

4. Why do you think workers continued working in such conditions when it had to be terrible for them and they knew the condition of the meet they were providing to the public?

5. How do you think the pricing and packaging of the meat impacted the way people lived? Would there be a difference in the way the rich and poor would be impacted by the meat products?

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