HazMatDecontaminationA Weak Linkin EmergencyResponseFleet SafetyMARCH 2014ASSE Online: www.asse.orgG

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HazMatDecontaminationA Weak Linkin EmergencyResponseFleet SafetyMARCH 2014ASSE Online: www.asse.orgGuidance FromANSI/ASSE Z15LeadingThoughtsInnovationBest PracticesAgricultural Safety✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔Client Defined Leading Indicators – NEW!Incident Reporting, Audits & InvestigationsTracks Fires, Spills, Vehicle, NOV’s & MoreJSA / JHA, Observations, SurveysEnvironmental / Sustainability SuiteDocument Library, Lessons LearnedCorrective Action TrackingOnline Claim Reporting, AllocationsAutomated Email Alerts, Messaging, Pushed Reports andKey Performance Indicators✔ Configurable and Customizable Reports✔ Management of Change✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔One Global Platformâ„¢Unlimited Users, Administrators and Locations LicenseInterfaces Easily with All HR, ERP and Legacy SystemsSends, Receives and Integrates Data From Any 3rd PartyImport Any Excel/CSV Spreadsheet Data for Integrationwith ReportingIntegrates More Information in Real Time with LiveKPI DashboardsSupports Multiple Languages, CurrenciesImplements Faster Than Any Other System, with Nothing to InstallUnlimited Online Training, No “Per Seat†Fees, Hundredsof EHS Courses to Choose From, Build Your OwnInnovation.InnovationInnovationdistinguishesdistinguishesbetween a leaderbetween a leaderand a follower.and a follower.-Steve Jobs-Steve JobsIdeas in Practice.You’re used to leading the way, right? In SH&E, it reallyis a rhetorical question. After all, keeping workers safeeach day requires innovative solutions that feature adynamic mix of sound science, proven engineeringprinciples and strong interpersonal skills.Get recognized for your efforts with The Award forInnovation in Occupational Safety Management,sponosored by Cintas. The inaugural award will bepresented at Safety 2014.Keep leading the way. Apply today.www.asse.org/innovateASSE®SAFETY MANAGEMENTINNOVATIONAWARDSPONSORED BYProfessional Safety is a blind peer-reviewed journal published monthly bythe American Society of Safety Engineers, the oldest safety society.Professional Safety keeps the professional occupational SH&E specialist informed on developments in the research and technology of accidentprevention, industry best practices and safety management techniques.MARCH 2014www.professionalsafety.orgVOL. 59, NO. 3FeaturesProgram Development Peer-Reviewed40 HazMat EmergenciesDecontamination & Victim Chain of SurvivalHazMat emergencies represent a significant response challenge, especiallywhen employees are exposed and the response involves a victim. A growing body of literature and standards guides emergency medical services(EMS) and hospital professionals in HazMat victim response and treatment. But, the SH&E professional must navigate separate standards: HazWOPER for HazMat emergencies and standard first aid for HazMat victimresponse. What strengths each standard may have in isolation are lacking when coupled with each other or as explicit preparation for the moreadvanced response that follows when EMS arrives. The authors reviewthese standards and integrate several key concepts for effective responseto HazMat victim emergencies in the workplace to make the most of thecritical time between employee exposure and EMS arrival.Program Development Peer-Reviewed47 Fleet SafetyDeveloping & Sustaining an Effective Program With ANSI/ASSE Z15.1The risk of work-related motor vehicle crashes cuts across all industriesand occupations. Between 2003 and 2008, workers employed by trucktransportation companies had the highest risk of work-related fatality dueto vehicle crashes while driving or riding in a motor vehicle on a publicroadway. This article discusses how ANSI/ASSE Z15.1-2012 providescomprehensive guidance on fleet safety program elements and can beused as a foundation for auditing an existing program.Cover: HazMat emergencies not only posea significant response challenge, but alsopresent a challenge to SH&E professionalswho must navigate both the HazWOPERstandard for HazMat emergencies, andstandard first aid for HazMat victim response. Photo by Michael Heffner.Mining Safety Peer-Reviewed57 Roof InstabilityAbout Professional SafetyWhat Reportable Noninjury Roof Fallsin Underground Coal Mines Can Tell UsRoof falls are a major hazard in undergroundmining. Roof bolting is the primary means ofsupporting the mine roof in underground coalmines. Despite great strides in the design of support systems, roof falls continue to occur in boltedareas. Noninjury roof fall reports provide insightinto the characteristics of roof falls. This study examined 11,600 noninjuryroof fall reports to identify geological contributors to roof falls. The goal isto provide data that can help improve roof-fall-related safety by providingdirection for the research and development of improved support systemsand mine layout alternatives.2 ProfessionalSafetyMARCH 2014www.asse.orgJudgments made or opinions expressedin Professional Safety feature articles,news sections, letters to the editor, meeting reports or related journal content donot necessarily reflect the views of theeditor, nor should they be consideredan expression of official policy by ASSE.They are published for the purpose ofstimulating independent thought on matters of concern to the SH&E professionand its practitioners.Correspondence should be addressedto the editor. Editor reserves the right toedit manuscripts and other submissionsin order to improve clarity and style, andfor length.Professional Safety copyright ©2014 bythe American Society of Safety Engineers.All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce articles must be obtained from theeditor. Single-copy and academic reprintpermission is also available through theCopyright Clearance Center [+1 (978)750-8400]. No copyright is claimed in anyworks of the U.S. government that maybe published herein.YOU CAN.YOU WILL.Julie Carter2013 GraduateCorporate DirectorEnvironmental Safety & HealthRoy Anderson CorpVisit Us Online to LearnHow Julie BalancedWork and School!ColumbiaSouthern.edu/PSM | 877.845.7795Gainful Employment Information AvailableRecognized by:Editoral StaffSue Trebswether Editor(847) 768-3433; strebswether@asse.orgTina Angley Associate Editor(847) 768-3438; tangley@asse.orgCathy Baker Assistant Editor(847) 768-3414; cbaker@asse.orgBethany Harvey Communications & Design Assistant(847) 768-3422; bharvey@asse.orgSiobhan Lally Communications & Design Assistant(847) 768-3468; slally@asse.orgPublication Design Inc. Design ConsultantsDepartments8 President’s Message9 Events12 Safety MattersEditorial Review BoardASSE international PDCs, designing for safety,proposed silica rule, motorcoach safety24 PS AsksNirupam Mukherjee on safety in AsiaFrank G. D’Orsi, CSP, ARM ChairH. Shane Ashby, JD, CSPSalvatore Caccavale, CHMM, CPEADavid A. Dodge, P.E., CSPDevendra M. KotechaTodd Loushine, Ph.D., P.E., CSP, CIHSteve Minshall, CSP, CIHHoward B. Spielman, CSP, CIHSociety OfficersKathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH, EurOSHM26 Leading ThoughtsPresidentHow to get innovations adopted29 CheckpointsPatricia M. Ennis, CSP, ARM President-ElectMichael Belcher, CSP Senior Vice PresidentStephanie A. Helgerman, CSP Vice President,FinanceHealthy workplacesChristine M. Sullivan, CSP, ARM Vice President,Professional Development31 ASSE Connection33 PS AsksFred J. Fortman Executive DirectorAdvertising RepresentativesFox Associates—ChicagoMatt Gillen on green construction35 CheckpointsSuccession planning 10136 Worth Reading38 Standards InsiderOHSAS 18001: Safety management systems63 Best PracticesPrevention through design66 Product Pulse68 Best PracticesSafety on family farms71 Marketplace72 Etc. Etc. Etc.The handwriting is on the wallArticle ReproductionsAuthorization to photocopy items for internal, personal or educational use is granted byASSE, provided the appropriate fee is paid directly to the Copyright Clearance Center,222 Rosewood Dr., Danvers, MA 01923 USA; phone +1 (978) 750-8400; www.copyright.com/UseAccount/IconJr/prodchoice.html. (Reference Code No. 0099-0027.)Professional Safety is available free online to ASSE members at www.professionalsafety.org.Articles are also available via microform and/or electronic databases from ProQuest, P.O. Box1346, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346 USA; phone +1 (800) 521-0600. For specific format details,visit www.proquest.com.4 ProfessionalSafetyMARCH 2014www.asse.orgFox Associates—DetroitFox Associates—Los AngelesFox Associates—New YorkFox Associates—PhoenixAdvertising Inquiries AdInfo.ASE@foxrep.comSubscription PricesProfessional Safety (ISSN 0099 0027) is published monthly by the American Society of Safety Engineers, 1800 E. Oakton St., Des Plaines,IL 60018-2100 USA; phone +1 (847) 699-2929;fax +1 (847) 296-3769; professionalsafety@asse.org; customerservice@asse.org; ASSE website:www.asse.org. U.S., Canada and Mexico—$60.00 per year; $5.50 per copy; $94.00, 2years; $120.00, 3 years. Public and educationalinstitution libraries—$51.00 per year; $78.00,2 years; $106.00, 3 years. Foreign—$70.00 peryear; $6.50 per copy; $111.00, 2 years; $145.00,3 years. U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank. Publicand educational institution libraries—$60.00per year; $96.00, 2 years; $126.00, 3 years. Add$60.00 per year for airmail.The basic association subscription price forProfessional Safety is $17.50. Periodicals postage paid at Des Plaines,IL, and at additional mailing offices.POSTMASTER: Send addresschanges to Change of AddressDept., ASSE, 1800 E. Oakton St.,Des Plaines, IL 60018-2100 USA.Requests for back issues should bemade within 3 months of publication.WHO SAYS, YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU?Announcing The Most ComprehensiveMobile Compliance Solution Ever!It is our goal to put you in control.From any device you can harness the power and versatility of the most highly functional compliance managementsolution ever, all in the palm of your hand-from anywhere in the world. Full enterprise functionality on Android,Google, Microsoft, and Apple* operating systems—we run on all of them.No other solution even comes close. Once you’ve seen our system perform, we know you’ll agree.EHS Compliance at Your Fingertips••••••••Incident ReportingAudits & InspectionsBBS ObservationsCorrective ActionsOnline Training Courses, Even on the iPadAttach Supporting DocumentationNo Loss of FunctionalityReal-time Access to Your Data,Anytime, AnywhereONE LOOK AT OUR DEMO WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU MANAGE SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE FOREVER.Call toll-free 855-242-6969 to schedule your demo today.www.ApplicationsInternational.com*Google, Microsoft, Apple, Android are registered trademarks of their respective companies.www.asse.orgBy the NumbersThree Free Podcasts:Virtual ClassroomExclusivesFor a more specialized member experience, ASSE offers many practicespecialties, branches and common interest groups. Within thesegroups, members have opportunities to network, share knowledgeand become published authors. Here’s some quick information:19 Practice specialties4 Branches4 Common interest groups3 technical publications/year for each groupAccess to more than 150 interviews with top industry professionalsLeading an ErgonomicCulture to AchieveMultiple ReturnsSoft-tissue and otherwear-down injuriescan seriously affect aworkforce, especially onethat is aging. Traditional approaches have shown limited results thatcan create a performance plateau. In thispodcast, Robert Pater provides proven, efficient approaches for accomplishing severalobjectives: build a critical mass of workers directing attention; and adjust to smallchanges that build toward enhancing safetyand overall performance.©PIXEL_DREAMS/ISTOCK/THINKSTOCKShare PS in SpanishDo you know someone who reads Spanish and wouldbenefit from safety knowledge? If so, visit the PS Extrapage (www.asse.org/psextra), where Spanisharticles are located. A selection oftop PS articles are available todownload and share.Effective Confined-SpaceEntry Team Member TrainingThis podcast discusses training techniquesto ensure that confined-space-entry teammembers receive comprehensive trainingthat will allow safe entry, work and exit froma confined space. Additional topics includehazard evaluation, proper equipment usage,and when and how to activate a rescue plan.www.asse.org/education/virtualclassroom.phpPS ExtraGet the most out of yourissue. Look for the PS Extraicon throughout this issueto find bonus content available online at www.asse.org/psextra.CAREER TREE IMAGE: ©CATRINKA81/ISTOCK/THINKSTOCKLooking for a previouslypublished feature article? VisitProfessional Safety’s Article Archive& Reprints website at www.asse.org/professionalsafety/archive.php.The site provides the necessary linksto find what you might be looking for.Here are some tips to get your searchstarted:Honor RollAccess PS Online to search forIs Onlinearticles by keyword, date and/or author.See who isThis database will retrieve articles fromsharing theJanuary 2000 to present. Members canbenefitslog in to download articles for free.of ASSELog in to the ASSE Members Onlymembershipportal to view full-issue PDFs (2005 towith their2008); full-issue online archives (2009colleagues.to 2011); and full-issue digital editionsFind the latest list of(2012 to current).top recruiters at wwwAccess the Article Index website to.asse.org/membersearch for an article title, author nameship/honorroll.php.or subject by year (1995 to 2011).6 ProfessionalSafety MARCH 2014 www.asse.org©VASABII/ISTOCK/THINKSTOCKPast PSArticles AreAvailable OnlineIndustrial ElectricalSafety InspectionsEffective management ofworker safety and healthprotection helps reducethe extent and severity ofwork-related injuries.Electrical safety inspections must be conducted to verify full compliance with OSHAand NFPA electrical safety regulations andstandards. This podcast provides guidelinesto develop an inspection program.A SSE®ASSE thanks these sponsors!CENTENNIAL SPONSORSTHE SERVICE PROFESSIONALSGOLD SPONSORS©SILVER SPONSORSBRONZE SPONSORSSOCIETY SPONSORSPresident’s MessageConnecting the DotsWriting Our FutureWKathy A. Seabrookhile in the Newark airport recently, I noticed a businesswoman carrying a bag emblazoned withthis quote: “The future is unwritten.â€Attributed to Joe Strummer, front manof the band The Clash, these wordsinspired me to think about ASSE andour unwritten future. Opportunitiesabound for ASSE, the safety professionand safety professionals, if we are boldenough to recognize and seize them.Let’s consider just a few of the waysthat ASSE helps us collaborate to writea bright future.Creating the Road MapOur profession is on the cusp of greatchange and ASSE is positioned to bothinform and lead this change. Over thepast 8 months, I’ve shared updates onthe Society’s many strategic initiatives,from students and global outreach topromoting our profession’s businessvalue and connecting safety to business goals and initiatives. In particular,ASSE’s collaborative partnership in theCenter for Safety and HealthSustainability and our creationof the Risk Assessment Insti“We are continuallytute are key steps in our effaced by great opporforts to ensure that corporatetunities brilliantlyleaders consider occupationalsafety when making businessdisguised as insoludecisions.ble problems.â€The Society is also an acLee Iacoccative, influential voice in thecollaborative global effort toframe the profession. By levelsetting competencies for safety professionals, we will provide a benchmark,agreed to by global consensus, on theskills (technical and business) and thereadiness needed for safety professionals to work effectively anywhere in theworld. These diverse initiatives directlyaffect each of us as SH&E professionals practicing today, and they move ourprofession and ASSE toward the future.Leading Culture ChangeASSE and our members are also atthe forefront of efforts to develop aninternational standard for occupationalsafety and health management systems.ASSE is the administrator of the U.S.Technical Advisory Group (TAG) forISO Project Committee 283, Occupational Health and Safety ManagementSystems—Requirements. More than 808 ProfessionalSafetyMARCH 2014www.asse.orgTAG stakeholders and thought leadersmet in Washington, DC, to participatein the development of ISO 45001, arisk-based standard that will encompassleadership engagement, risk assessment and continual improvement. Byfostering a systems-thinking approachto safety management, this standardhas the potential to transform businessculture and help elevate SH&E professionals and the profession worldwide.This standards-development workties directly to ASSE’s efforts to educateour stakeholders on the value of occupational safety, and to help SH&Eprofessionals align occupationalsafety with business strategy, goals andplanning. The culture transformationthat occurs when safety professionals partner and collaborate to informorganizational strategy and influenceoperational decision making is bothevolutionary and revolutionary. It takesbusiness time to change its culturearound workplace safety. Yet, whensafety professionals step outside theircomfort zone and engage executives bymaking a business case for safety, companies can experience operational excellence, high productivity, top quality,lower costs and continuous improvement. That can be revolutionary.Connecting the DotsWhile the future is unwritten, byfocusing on assessing risks and seizingopportunities, developing a dynamicstrategic plan and engaging key stakeholders in understanding the businessvalue of occupational safety, we cantake proactive steps to ensure that thefuture is a bright one for safety professionals, our profession and ASSE.Opportunities abound for us tobecome valued business partners, contributors, in-demand collaborators andgo-to resources for decision makersin our organizations. I wonder, Whatchoices you will make today to seizethese opportunties and help write ourcollective future?Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH, EurOSHM@ASSEPrezOpportunitiesaboundfor ASSE,the safetyprofessionand safetyprofessionals, if weare boldenough torecognizeand seizethem.ConnectWith KathyJoin theconversation. ReadKathy’sblog, follow heron Twitter, or joinher on LinkedIn orFacebook. www.asse.org/getconnected.March 24-27Orlando, FL17th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference. IIE; (800) 494-0460; www.iienet2.org/Ergo/Conference.March 24-28Des Plaines, ILSafety Management I & II seminars.ASSE; (847) 699-2929; www.asse.org.March 25-27Columbus, OH2014 Ohio Safety Congress & Exposition. Ohio Bureau of Workers’Compensation, Division of Safety andHygiene; (800) 644-6838; www.bwc.ohio.gov/employer/programs/safety/SafetyCongress.asp.March 25-27San Diego, CAImplementing Culture Change seminar. Culture Change Consultants; (914)315-6076; www.culturechange.com.March 25-27Chicago, ILSafeStart workshop. SafeStart; (800)276-6192; www.safestart.com.March 25-28Houston, TXOSHA General Industry course. American Safety Training Solutions Inc.; (800)896-8867; www.trainosha.com.March 27Syracuse, NYExcavator Safety seminar. Dig SafelyNew York; (315) 437-7394; www.digsafelynewyork.com.March 27Seattle, WA15-Hour Disaster-Site-Worker course.OSHA Training Institute Pacific Northwest Education Center; (800) 326-7568;http://depts.washington.edu/ehce/OSHA.March 27-28Calgary, AlbertaIncident Prevention Using Practical Risk Assessment course. DNV GLBusiness Assurance; (877) 368-3530;www.dnvglcert.com.March 27-28Tampa, FLAerial Lift Operator & Inspector Trainthe-Trainer course. Crane Tech; (800)290-0007; www.cranetech.com.Send event announcements toprofessionalsafety@asse.org.Current month advertiserGREATER LANSING MICHIGAN CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAUMarch 20-22Dallas, TX2014 Safety in Action Conference. BST;(800) 548-5781; www.bstsolutions.com.EventsMarchAprilMayApril 4-6Washington, DC10th Annual International AsbestosAwareness Conference. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization; www.asbestosdiseaseawareness.org/adoa-conference.Lansing, MIApril 15-16Michigan SafetyConferenceHeld each spring, this eventfeatures more than 120 workplacesafety and health, and recertification courses. Attendees can interact with more than 200 exhibitorsat the trade show, which will alsofeature new product demonstrations. The event will also feature ahealth and wellness center, silentauction and recognition awards.Michigan Safety ConferenceHeadquarters; (517) 203-0737;www.michsafetyconference.orgApril 6-12Crystal City, VAMath Review, ASP & CSP Certification Preparation workshops. ASSE;(847) 699-2929; www.asse.org.April 7-8Houston, TXRigging Inspector course. North American Crane Bureau; (800) 654-5640;www.cranesafe.com.March 28Knoxville, TN25th Annual ASSE East TennesseeChapter PDC. Chris Jones, ASSE EastTennessee Chapter; chrisjones865@comcast.net.March 28League City, TXCompetent Person Inspection Training for Frame, Tube & Coupler & Systemcourse. Scaffold Training Institute; (281)332-1613; www.scaffoldtraining.com.April 1OnlineCertified HazMat Manager ExamPreparation workshop. Bowen EHS;(866) 264-5852; www.BowenEHS.com.April 1-3San Diego, CACoaching the Coach (of a GrassrootsTeam) seminar. Culture Change Consultants; (914) 315-6076; www.culturechange.com.April 2-4Orlando, FLOffice Ergonomics course. Roy Matheson & Associates; (800) 443-7690;www.roymatheson.com.April 2OnlineElectrical Safety NFPA 70E: A FlashForward Overview of Standard Revisions webinar. Zoubek ConsultingLLC; (619) 677-8682; www.zoubekconsulting.com.April 2-3Calgary, AlbertaMaintenance Welding course. American Trainco; (866) 766-4141; www.americantrainco.com.April 7-9Crystal City, VACorporate Safety Management seminar. ASSE; (847) 699-2929; www.asse.org.April 7-11Kingston, TNMobile Crane Operator Certificationcourse. Sylvan Enterprises; (865) 7178582; www.sylvanent.com.April 7-11Phoenix, AZHazWOPER 40-Hour General SiteWorker course. ETC Compliance Solutions; (602) 923-9673; www.e-t-c.com.April 7-12Dallas, TXASP & CSP Exam Preparation workshops. SPAN International Training;(855) 357-7726; www.spansafetyworkshops.com.April 8Ann Arbor, MIApplied Industrial Ergonomics seminar.Humantech; (734) 663-6707; www.humantech.com.April 8Lancaster, PAFirst-Aid/CPR/AED workshop. HighSafety Consulting Services; (717) 6538106; www.highsafety.com.April 8-9Denver, CO2014 Safety Summit: A System ThatWorks. EnPro Industries; (800) 5372372; www.enprosafety.com.April 8-9Cincinnati, OHSafeStart workshop. SafeStart; (800)276-6192; www.safestart.com.April 9Houston, TX13th Annual BBS Conference. BBSConference; www.bbsconference.com.www.asse.orgMARCH 2014ProfessionalSafety 9EventsMarchAprilMayApril 14-18Boston, MARadiation Safety Officer Trainingfor Laboratory Professionals course.Harvard School of Public Health; (617)384-8692; https://ecpe.sph.harvard.edu.April 15Roseburg, ORExcavation Safety Competent Person:Basic Skills Training course. D2000Safety; (800) 551-8763; www.d2000safety.com.April 10Phoenix, AZHazCom/GHS 8-Hour Train-the-Trainer course. ehs International Inc.; (949)540-6800; www.ehsinternational.org.April 24-25Mesa, AZ2014 Arizona Health & Safety Summit.ASSE Arizona and Southern Arizonachapters; http://asseaz.com.April 17Online2014 CAOHC/NHCA Webinar #1:Promoting Prevention & RecognizingSuccess. Council for Accreditation inOccupational Hearing Conservation;(414) 276-5338; www.caohc.org.April 10-11Crystal City, VADelivering a High-PerformanceSafety Management System seminar.ASSE; (847) 699-2929; www.asse.org.April 23Chicago, ILArc-Flash NFPA 70E seminar. LewellynTechnology; (800) 242-6673; www.lewellyn.com.April 15-17Huntsville, ALExplosives Safety Training course.A-P-T Research Inc.; (256) 327-3399;www.apt-research.com.April 10Hickory, NC20th Annual Safety School. ASSEWestern Carolina Chapter; http://wcchapter.asse.org.April 24-25Rotterdam, The Netherlands5th International Conference on theHistory of Occupational & Environmental Health. International Commission on Occupational Health; www.icoh-history.org/icoh.php.April 11League City, TXCompetent Person Inspection Training for Frame, Tube & Coupler & Systemcourse. Scaffold Training Institute; (281)332-1613; www.scaffoldtraining.com.April 18Online…


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