Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Family Ties in HBOs The Wire. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Family Ties in HBOs The Wire. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Episode one is entitled “The Target.” Office Jimmy McNulty sits in a courtroom listening to testimony in the trial of D’Angelo Barksdale. D’Angelo is accused of murder but is acquitted. Judge Phelan, who presided over the case, calls McNulty into chambers and questions his interest in the case. McNulty admits that he isn’t assigned to the case, but says no one is because officers have been called to “do community policing.” McNulty tells Phelan that D’Angelo is the nephew of crime boss Avon Barksdale and that Avon, along with his partner Stringer Bell, is suspected of committing at least a dozen homicides in the West End projects of Baltimore. According to McNulty, neither culprit is ever convicted because of lack of manpower on the part of the Baltimore Police Department. McNulty leaves the judge, but by the time he gets back to his precinct, he is admonished by Major Rawls for speaking with a judge about a person, meaning Avon, that he isn’t familiar with. He gives McNulty a short deadline to composite everything he knows about Avon so that he is better equipped to discuss McNulty’s concerns with personnel with more rank and seniority than him.

These scenes exemplify what is wrong with Baltimore, especially the West End. Everyone worries more about himself than the whole organization. Almost any police officer would know that it is unacceptable to speak to a judge about something that he hadn’t spoken to his own superior officer about. While it is true that McNulty had no way of knowing that he would be called into chambers, he didn’t have to admit why he was in the courtroom. In episodes and seasons to come, McNulty is well known for lying for his own personal gain. however, he clearly saw an opportunity with the judge and decided to take it, no matter what it cost him. To some, it might seem altruistic given that McNulty could have gotten himself into a great deal of trouble, but Jimmy clearly wanted something and went after it at the expense of others.&nbsp. Lieutenant Rawls isn’t much better. His approach could have been to praise McNulty for bringing the Barksdale crimes to the judge’s attention since it could mean that more overtime hours would be granted to clean up the streets.


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