Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Literature Exploring Role of Cardiac Nurses. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Literature Exploring Role of Cardiac Nurses. It needs to be at least 3500 words. The term cardiac nursing is a broad term, and this encompasses care in different clinical areas. These areas may include areas of cardiac nursing in the cardiothoracic surgery, interventional cardiology, general medical cardiology, cardiac imaging and diagnostics, intensive and critical care units, pediatric cardiology and cardio-surgery, electrophysiology laboratory or pacemaker units, primary care, home care, and even community care. The care provided may need technical knowledge and expertise about the use of complicated instruments, implants, and procedures. ability to interpret data from sophisticated monitoring devices and investigations. capability to critically analyse biological manifestations about conditions, researching evidence from literature, and synthesize them to arrive at a medical decision and nursing care plan. dexterity to manage different critical and life-threatening cardiac situations in diverse environments. knowledge to intervene and educate patients to reduce cardiac risks. and ability to manage a care even in areas ranging from primary, home, and community settings. Research in these areas is diverse and voluminous. Therefore, identification of informative research in this area of practice is important, and to be able to extract useful findings, it would be legitimate to critically review the available relevant research. In this assignment, a critical literature review will be undertaken to that purpose so implications for clinical cardiac practice can be identified through evidence. The process of the literature search and findings from the review has been presented below.

To build a scientific basis of evidence, a comprehensive literature search was undertaken and then evaluated critically. For the purpose of the review of the literature to support the rationale, need, and continuation of the project, this author conducted a literature search across databases. Those accessed for the information included: CINHAL, Medline and Pubmed along with the Google Scholar internet search engine. Moreover, MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CINAHL and Cochrane databases were searched to identify relevant literature on prevention of pressure ulcers. HighWire Press was also searched. The keywords in the search included “cardiac nursing”, “cardiac nurses”, “role”, “cardiovascular nursing”, “intensive care nursing”, “critical care nursing”, “cardiac intervention nursing”, “pacemaker units”, “nursing,” “clinical trials”, “home cardiac nursing”, “cardiac surgery nursing”, “primary care cardiac nursing”, “cardiac imaging nursing,” “emergency cardiac nursing”, “cardiac nursing education”, and “cardiac patient education” published in the last 10 years.


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