hello, i need a 17 page double spaced research paper for my women studies in science and technology class, The…

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hello, i need a 17 page double spaced research paper for my women studies in science and technology class, The scientist i chose was “shirley ann jackson” , my professor stronly advised not to only use google as a sourse, she advised us to use encyclopedia britannica and other useful websites. here are the guidelines provided by my professors:

For your main Project in our course, I would like you to work on the following topic:

Choose a woman scientist (in the broad sense of the term science: natural, social and formal) from any era, culture, or country. Do extensive research on her including her life/biography (try to see why she chose, if she did, to study science, what barriers/obstacles stood in her way), and her outstanding work, and the awards that she won (or just nominations). Find also sources that discuss how she and her work were received by the scientific community/institution (locally or internationally). Try to find out if she found doing science rewarding at the end. One way to frame your paper is to make use of  Joyce Tang’s argument (2006) that “for a woman to be successful in science not only requires perseverance and talent , but also structural opportunities , institutional support and conscious decision making ”. 

Please note that I would like to receive a complete portfolio of all the work related to your project, including copies of sources and all drafts of the Outline and of the Final Paper (those that you show me and those that you do not). Please do not lose anything; the process of writing is considered in the final grade. 

Rubric for Research Papers (100 points)


I-              Introduction (10 points)

It must contain:

1-    An attention getting opening (2 points)

2-    Clear thesis statement which directly answers the research question (8 points)

–       Statements of intension are not acceptable


II-            Body (80 points)


1-    All paragraphs have clear topic sentences which support and explain the thesis (5 points)

2-    Paragraphs are unified and coherent (10 points)

3-    All assertions are supported by primary or secondary sources (10 points)

4-    Quotes are introduced and/or commented upon (5 points)

5-    Evidence of complex, insightful, sophisticated critical thinking about the subject in question (15 points)

6-    Efficient use of peer-reviewed journals and books as secondary sources (10 points)

7-    Correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation (10 points)

8-    Display of concise, emphatic, varied and uncliched prose style (10 points)

9-    Correct use of APA/MLA in-text citations for all quotes or paraphrased material (5 points)


III-          Conclusion (3 points)

It must be emphatic rather than include/contain new ideas


IV-          References/Works Cited (7 points)

Correct use of APA/MLA style 


i would like this reearch paper by January 4 please, in 2 days, here is my hotmail account incase you need to contact me [email protected]




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