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Most of the senior staff at Bacchus have agreed to have your firm perform a full analysis of their system, believing that your ability to automate their operation will provide value in the long run. Naturally, each member of the staff has a different idea about the benefits of automation. Anastasia Chekov is convinced that allowing Gerry Butler to record information about workers’ hours will speed the payroll process – though Gerry is not convinced – and would like to be able to receive updates about orders and shipments electronically. Calida Esparza is interested in providing distributors with an on-line interface for making orders. Sinead O’Malley is convinced that an Internet site is essential for her marketing efforts. Conrad and Matt Bacchus both believe that automation will allow them to be more efficient in ordering supplies and in monitoring their own inventory.

Interestingly, the member of the staff who is most doubtful of the need for your firm’s services is Matt Bacchus, who believes that you’re not moving quickly enough and that the company could develop its own automation system, perhaps with the addition of an additional employee. He believes that doing the work in-house will save time and money, both in terms of the development and in terms of purchasing the right capabilities. He is also concerned that your firm will try to impose a system on Bacchus that is similar to those of other companies – meaning that Bacchus Winery will be paying for capabilities that it does not need (he read a case study in one of his MBA classes where that happened).

Matt’s feelings have led to several contentious meetings at Bacchus, particularly when Matt took it to Twitter. Finally, senior staff have asked you to make a return visit so that you can explain the methodologies used by your firm.

Senior members of your firm have encouraged you to treat this as an opportunity. Rather than be defensive in the face of Matt’s criticisms, they urge you to take the opportunity to demonstrate that the firm has experience and expertise in the field of analysis and design.


  1. Prepare a description of your firm’s approach to the management of project lifecycles.
  2. Address the most common causes of project failure and describe the steps your firm will take to mitigate the risks associated with them.
  3. Prepare a Management Expectations Matrix to ensure that Conrad and Matt have a clear idea of the compromises they will have to make, then explain why you recommend the priorities that you identify in the matrix.

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