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Team Project Guidelines


Each team will identify and explore an emerging technology. This will be a technology that may already exist, but is drawing attention because of new applications, anticipated impacts or potential controversies. Examples could include:

·         nanotechnology in manufacturing,

·         genetically modified organisms,

·         remote/robotic surgery, or

·         wireless electricity.

The team will explore the technical, social, cultural, moral and ethical issues presented by the technology.



All teams will be assigned at the start of the first week. The first deliverable is due on the Sunday of Week 1, so students must get organized and into the project immediately. Each team will select a Team Leader, who will be responsible for the coordination of the research and the submission of assignments. Team members will remain on the assigned team throughout the duration of the class (in the project world, project managers seldom have the opportunity to select their own team members!). It is highly recommended that each team develop its own Team Contract to clearly define expectations, strategies, and timelines.

Emphasis is placed on both individual contributions and the final product of teams. You will communicate with your team through team meetings (online) and team discussion threads. Team members who fail to participate in an assignment will not get points for that assignment.

With those parts of the Team Project where a group grade will be assigned, all team members must submit a copy of the team’s work. When an assignment is completed, the Team Leader will distribute the finished product to all team members, and each team member must submit this copy to the Dropbox,

The Task

The primary focus of the team is to research and assess the issues associated with a specific emerging technology. The team will produce a formal research paper in APA format, with each team member contributing 10 pages of text. The paper will provide the basis for a 20-minute team presentation.

The following Required Elements must be researched and included in the final project. What follows is a list only, and is in no way an outline:

·         A brief description of the technology and an explanation of the associated science

·         The historical development and context of the technology

·         Political and legal influences

·         Economic questions and considerations

·         Psychological considerations and sociological effects

·         The technology in its cultural context, media influence

·         Implications for the environment

·         Moral and ethical implications

To properly analyze the various elements of the project, research will cut across disciplines and include academic, scientific and industry sources. Complete project guidelines and suggestions can be found in DocSharing.

Making the Connections for Your Team Research Project

If you have the following section, you might want to explore the connections that comprise that discipline:

Pure Sciences: How does this technology work? Try to avoid the “How Things Work” website as your resource for this portion of the paper. Instead cite real scientists and fundamental scientific laws (e.g. laws of gravitation, Boyle’s law, laws of thermodynamics, etc.) underpinning the technology. Cite technical manuals, using scientific explanations, but work to express the scientific concepts in lay terms. Use physics, chemistry, biosciences, mathematics, etc. Try to sound “nerdy” but clear. If you need to provide a glossary at the end of your paper, that’s okay.

History: Trace the major events along the path to where we are today with the technology. You have to include a timeline as part of your discussion or in the Appendix. You also have to discuss in detail the most recent developments while trying to give a macro perspective. What happened sequentially, chronologically, and what led to the innovations that we see today? Who were the major players? What issues presented themselves as obstacles, and what were opportunities that advanced the technology? What factors (economic, scientific, etc) drove the technology. Tell us the story of how “blank” came to be.

The paper should conclude with recommendations for further research or possible solutions that could be evaluated. A complete list of references, in APA format, should follow along with any Appendices.

·         Title Page (not included in page count)

·         Table of Contents – indicating student sections (not included in page count)

·         Abstract – 200-word summary of the entire paper; it is not a restatement of the introduction (not included in page count)

·         Report

o    Introduction that provides background information, establishes the context and significance of the issues and the technology (your thesis statement) and generally orients your reader to the entire project. It should outline the scope of the investigation, and comment on any challenges the team faced with respect to research sources.

o    Report sections, organized using at least level-1 and level-2 headings.

o    Proper documentation throughout the report using APA style.  (Each member is responsible for documenting properly, and undocumented or poorly cited material will count as plagiarism—a failing grade for the paper.)

o    Appropriate visuals/graphic aids in the document that are discussed in the body of the report and support the thesis (e.g., a table, graph, chart, illustration, photograph, diagram, map, etc.); mathematical or statistical data is appropriately used to support conclusions. All visuals/graphic aids also need to be properly documented.

o    Conclusion that effectively synthesizes the sections of the report. It should summarize key issues. Included in this section should be Recommendations for Further Research, following up on any questions that were uncovered during your research or suggestions for groups/events to follow.


·         Bibliography and appendix (not included in the page count but significant in showing you “found” relevant stuff that would not fit into the body of the text—brochures, charts, handouts, samples of materials or products, or team process reports, etc.). Wise groups begin the bibliography early and start gathering related materials for the Appendix.


Includes a clearly stated thesis statement





Outline has sufficient detail with at least 2 levels of headings. All sections have been included and assigned.





Spelling and grammar






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