Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic British Museum Media and Digital Campaign.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic British Museum Media and Digital Campaign. In such a case, the reputation and the brand of the organization continue to expand. More importantly, the British Museum as an iconic national organization should effectively utilize the various aspects of public relations in ensuring success both nationally and internationally. Without a doubt, the British Museum has managed to build a brand and continues to use the various strategies for its brand positioning and ensuring the popularity of the Museum amongst the target audience. The British Museum has applied both online and offline activity in making the museum much popular and creating awareness about its contents. In this case, much has actually been achieved through these means (Botan, 2010).

In order to raise more funds, the British Museum can effectively use public relations activity as a proper tool for communicating with potential partners. In this case, both online and offline media can be used. The public relations experts at the museum can create awareness by connecting with media and events. Indeed, social media allows a real-time way of connecting with millions of people and this can provide a perfect opportunity for each many people (Caleca, 2004). In the same way, unlike other people, social media will allow PR professionals to easily track the number of people who are responding to their campaigns.

In this case, much focus should be placed on the use of social media. In the same way, the Museum can use media tours in order to publicize the fundraising need. In order to achieve this, the major players in the organization like the top management should travel to several places in order to meet people and encourage them to support the cause of their travel. The use of celebrities in such tours can ensure that many people respond to the calls. In the same way, the museum can use newsletters as an appropriate means of reaching many people in different areas. The newsletters should clearly provide information on the museum and the need for more funding while also showcasing the potential of the museum (Cutlip, 2010).


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