Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic History of News Media Propaganda.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic History of News Media Propaganda. On most occasions, propaganda is aimed at hiding information regarding the actions of the government or top people in the government. In addressing this, the paper will expound on the negative reasons that contribute to the manipulation of the information as well as the positive use of propaganda in the current society.

The citizens of the U.S. consider the attacks by the terrorists in their country as ordinary terrorist acts associated with ill intentions of those involved in the attack. It is as a result of this perception that they willingly pay the tax to support the U.S. Army in Iraq. Unfortunately, it is evident that the citizens of the U.S. do not know the real reasons as to why terrorists love attacking them now and again. The information fed to them by media is completely distorted. For instance, it is evident that the U.S. citizens believe that the U.S. Army is in Iraq because of the war that the enemy had started (Nygaard, para.5, 2007). In connection with this, Nygaard claims that “the justification of war can proceed more smoothly if the hideous aspects of the war business are screened from the public gaze” ( Nygaard, para. 9, 2007). Desired propaganda is often achieved by controlling the flow of news (Nygaard, 2007). on most occasions, the control involves underemphasizing an item that may expose certain information by incorporating it into a different story or by leaving essential context of that item (Nygaard, 2007). According to (Nygaard, 2007) contradiction of a witness story also plays a very significant role in passing the intended information to the public.

Most of the information provided to the public is influenced by the government. In other words, the government filters information before it is presented to the public. For instance, it is evident that Tony Blair when he was the U.S Prime Minister ensured that all the information that was aired by prominent media stations such as the BBC was censored.


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