Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Comparison of Behavior and Attachment Theories.

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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Comparison of Behavior and Attachment Theories. As the behavior of the individual is framed by various factors such as social where society shapes the personality, family, parents, friends, care providers, the competing environment, etc. little is attributed to behavioral theory. The behavior of an individual is adopted and modified. behavior theories are useful for understanding the diverse factors that directly influence the nature and personality of an individual.

Attachment is an emotional connection with other individuals. Attachment theory was first introduced by John Bowlby, who defined attachment as “a lasting psychological connectedness between human beings”. The bond formed between the infant and care providers influence the entire life of the individual. Attachment is the bond that keeps a child close to mother, thereby an infant develops a sense of protection or security which is imperative for the developmental psychology of the infant, as the infant understands who is dependable thus, laying a secure base for the individual to explore the world (What Is Attachment Theory? n.d.).

The behavior of any individual is attained through habituation and training. A child starts grasping the affection and attention that he gains from every member in his vicinity. In these formative years, behavior and social interaction with the society pave the way for grooming the personality of the child. It is essential that alterations be made in the behavior when an unhealthy attitude is observed. In some grave cases repeated motivation to change the behavior is required which may or may not be related to therapeutic issues. Activities that influence the performance or behavior of an individual are designated as a behavior or mental process.


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