Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic How should Today’s Youth Combat Negative Moral Influences.

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic How should Today’s Youth Combat Negative Moral Influences. How should Todays Youth Combat Negative Moral Influences? Youths today are faced with the challenge of coping with an ever-broadening spectrum of influences on decision making and behavior. Many of these influences have potentially negative effects on growth and development. For example, social environments have been linked with participation in potentially “at-risk” behaviors such as use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana (Hundleby and Mercer, 151-64). There are several reasons contributing towards the fact that some of the individuals particularly the youths are trapped into these negative moral influences. One of the most important reasons for this is the lack of healthy parental guidance and monitoring. Some youth have psychological problems that make social and academic success difficult. Some attend disorganized and disruptive schools and fail to engage in academic pursuits. Some live in chaotic neighborhoods with few resources or outlets for positive social activities. Some are excluded from peer groups and have few, if any, wholesome friends. These risk factors, particularly when several are present, increase the likelihood of negative behavior and indulging in violence. Conditions such as maltreatment or neglect by family members, friends, and society increase the chance that a youth will make unhealthy or unlawful choices.

Several studies show that conditions such as poverty, unemployment, poor education, discrimination, and despair lay the foundation for alcohol and other drug-related problems. These conditions must be alleviated. There are several strategies identified that could help today’s youth to combat negative moral influences. The first and foremost is the willingness of the individual to change themselves. A coordinated effort from the family, schools and the society is essential in order to create such willingness among individuals. Besides, it is important to focus on increasing skills or abilities of the youth and it is equally vital to focus on changing and improving social systems that create these conditions.

Parental care is one of the most important issues widely discussed in relation to shaping the future of children. Parents who demonstrate love and caring for their children, who are involved in their childrens activities, and who monitor and supervise their childrens behaviors are more likely to have their children grow as healthy adults. Other factors such as family stability and adequate financial resources also play an important role. Family and educational institutions need to help the individuals to develop positive personal attributes such as intelligence, a steady personality, social skills, developing the ability to solve problems without resorting to violence, and a conventional belief system.

Strong policies on violence and drugs in the educational institutions are important as they help to positively shape behavior of young children and teenagers. Teachers who care and demonstrate concern for their students social and academic growth also help to ensure their successful development. Communities also play a major role by providing opportunities and social controls to the upcoming generations. For example, after-school activities, churches and religious organizations, and youth social clubs help to protect youth from the temptations and hazards that exist in society. Youth’s participation in such community programs helps them to grow and give them less opportunity to involve themselves in any other negative activities (Rennekamp, 28). In addition, the association with peer group in positive societal activities makes the environment more enjoyable. Several studies showed that peer influence is particularly important during adolescence. Improving education and youth employment opportunities and enhancing social skills are essential components of growth and development. Finally, supportive and caring family, positive peer group associations, a good education, and career opportunities combine as important factors to ensure positive outcomes for youth. This will also help the youths to combat negative moral influences such as substance abuse, violent behavior, teenage pregnancy, and school dropout.

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