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Write an essay at least 300 words discussing the following situation and answering the questions.

There are many aspects of HIPAA that patients do not see. One thing they do see, however, is the Notice of Privacy Practices when it is presented to them. Some covered entities realize the importance of the HPP, but others do not. Metropolitan Family Medical Practice believes that the NPP is a waste of time, money and effort. The office manager believes that patients don’t read it or keep it when it is given to them. As such, the practice has discontinued that practice of providing it to patients or updating it.

1. Is this a HIPAA Violation with respoect to every patient who seeks services at MFMP on a given day? Why or why not?

2. Is it a HIPAA violation with respect to telephone consultations? Why of why not?

3. The office manager does keep a copy of the NPP posted near the front door and has posted a copy on the organization’s website. Is this adequate to maintain HIPAA compliance?

4. Copies of the HPP are maintained in a drawer and given to patients who specifically request a copy. Is this adequate to maintain HIPAA compliance?

5. What do you foresee as long-term consequences if MFMP continues its practice of not providing NPPs to its patients?


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