Part 1: Textile Evolution
Research and explain the following in at least 200 words:Explain at least 2 significant changes in textile types, decoration and/or fabric production during the Byzantine Era (in the Byzantine Empire) and Early Middle Ages (in other areas of Europe), and describe the reasons and influences behind those changes.If you were a dressmaker during the Byzantine Era/Empire, what would your personal choice of fabric be for your clients from the selection available at the time? Who would your clients be in this era?

Part 2: Shape Changes
Research and explain the following in at least 200 words:How did clothing silhouettes start to change during this time period?  What were some new elements of construction, garment shapes and types of garments?Relate silhouettes and decoration of Byzantine and Early Medieval costume to present day design, and name at least one designer or clothing line that incorporates this costume influence in their current designs.  Include at least one image to illustrate.

Research:  Use the textbook and lectures as your main sources of information about Byzantine and medieval textiles and clothing.  There are a large number of resources online that discuss the Byzantine era and middle ages.  Just keep in mind that not all people who are interested in the middle ages are qualified experts, so use your best judgment as to the credibility of the sources.  Use keywords and phrases such as Byzantine textiles, history of silk, Byzantine clothing.  Here are a couple of websites to get you started:

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