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“For your Final Assignment, I’d like you to look back over the course and consider the questions I asked at the beginning of the syllabus: What is the significance of Los Angeles’ history? Is the city unique for its enormous economic and cultural influences on the rest of the nation and the world? Or does its history reflect a path of urban development being followed in hundreds or thousands of other places? The easiest answer is that it’s both of those things, but in this assignment I would like you to take a position, and I would like you to support your answer by describing and analyzing at least two specific examples from any of the course materials (readings, presentations, and videos).

You may write a 4-5 page paper (1200-1500 words). This should include all the elements of an academic paper, including an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs that present and analyze specific evidence, smooth transitions linking the paragraphs, and a conclusion that reflects on the significance of the paper’s argument. Be sure to cite specific information and quotes drawn from sources, using simple parenthetical citations at the end of the relevant sentence as you have been doing all quarter. Books should be cited with author and page number, presentations can be cited as (Week 8 VoiceThread) and videos with just their title.”


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