HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 4 (2019)

IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, OPEN THIS PAGE AGAIN AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. What  did Chinese parents expect from their children, above all else? The Mongols succeeded the Ming as the rulers of China. The Chinese familial ideal was a Which statement about the religious underpinnings of the Indianized Southeast Asian states is TRUE? Islam was introduced to north-western India by ____ peoples. After their conquest of northern India, Muslim rulers agreed to recognize the traditional use of alcohol among the Hindu population. What was most commonly depicted in traditional Chinese painting? Who was the greatest of the Kushan rulers? The Chinese civil service examination system The military advances of ____ helped spread Islam to other parts of India. One Muslim tradition adopted by upper-class Hindus was purdah, which requires that women are kept in seclusion from everyday society. Indian religious groups Which statement about the Kushan kingdom is FALSE? The caves of Ajanta Foot binding was common for women of all social classes in northern China. Khubilai Khan’s capital was located in The Sui Dynasty was China’s longest dynasty. Due to various technical aspects of the Chinese language, its poetry had India’s “golden age” is traditionally associated with the Zhu Xi was a leading figure in the School of Mind. In medieval India Civil service examinations In the Chinese civil service examination system, Tea emerged as China’s national drink under the Tang. The transformation of Brahmanism into Hinduism was complete by the end of the Of the following Chinese dynasties, which one was the most recent? What contributed to the demise of the Yuan Dynasty? Which region served as a land bridge for migrating peoples who ultimately traveled to Australia? The name given to the Asian region northwest of traditional China that was pacified by the Tang was The most famous stretch of the Great Wall of China today was built under which dynasty?


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