How did the WH Framework help you analyze the situation?

University of Phoenix LOreals Core Values and The Primary Values Essay

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For this assignment, refer to the scenario attachedThis scenario involves Steven J. Trzaska, the head of L’Oreal USA’s regional patent team, and ethical rules and core values of the company.

Read the scenario and complete the following activity.

Create a WH Framework chart, similar to Exhibit 2.1 (attached). Refer to L’Oreal’s core values and the primary values in Exhibit 2.3( Attached( to determine the guidelines to include in the WH Framework.

Write an explanation of how you decided on the list of stakeholders and guidelines to include in your WH Framework. Address the following questions in your explanation:

  • Which stakeholders did Traszka and the management of L’Oreal cater to? Why?
  • What values did L’Oreal’s management choose when they made the decision to fire Trzaska? Why?


In addition to your explanation, address the following self-reflection questions:

  • How did the WH Framework help you analyze the situation?
  • Now that you’ve put together the framework, how does the WH Framework help managers with making business decisions?
  • What type of decisions would the WH Framework chart help you make as a manager?

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