How does your parenting style compare to that of your parent? the rest of the questions are below

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For your Midterm Assignment, you are expected to use class readings and you may use outside readings from other classes or other sources altogether; however, you MUST cite all of your sources (including your textbook).Your response will be assessed for the quality of understanding, how you apply course concepts and readings to the problem at hand, and for the skill with which the argument is presented. The essay should make clear statements that are supported with evidence and lead to appropriate conclusions. Be sure to specify the relevance of every answer to a child’s health outcomes.Descriptors such as “bad” or “good” are inadequate.Be clear in your discussion.

Page limit: 3-4 pages, not including bibliography, minimum 3 full pages.Please use 11-12 point Times New Roman or Arial font, 1 inch margins, and double spacing

1)on Complete parenting style survey from YOUR
perspective (if you are not a parent, base this what you think you would do). Complete
parenting style survey from the perspective of one of your parents (or your
predominant caretaker in your childhood). Identify the parenting style you
have/would have and the parenting style that your parent or caretaker had. You
must submit both parenting style surveys indicating which one is your style and
your caregivers style.You may print and
complete these by hand and scan them as PDFs to attach as part of your
submission via Blackboard.

2)Compare you parenting style to that of your parent by answering
the following questions:

a.How does your parenting style compare to that of your

i.In what ways are you similar/different?

ii.How might your parenting style positively/negatively
influence the health of a child in your care?

b.Examine the parenting style of your parent/caretaker.

i.How did this parenting style influence your health
outcomes and/or those of your siblings’ in these areas:

1.physical health

2.emotional health health

4.spiritual health

c.What development period do you think your parenting
style would have the biggest influence on?Why?

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