How has media changed over time?

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How has media changed over time? Does the way information is delivered
impact the message being delivered? (think about the game of telephone
we used to play as kids–does word of mouth, reading a newspaper,
watching the evening news, reading an online news article or getting
information on social media impact the message?)

2.) Is the assault on the media new? Why are we hearing so much about it these days?

Because candidates and lawmakers have unlimited access to social media,
has this changed the exchange of information between citizen and
politician? Explain.

4.) President Trump claims the media is public enemy #1. Do you agree? What is he basing these claims on?

What about the “fake news” claims? How valid are these claims and how
seriously should these claims be taken? If there really is a rise in
fake news, how should we, the voters in this country, respond? How can
you spot the fake news? How will you as a conscientious voter (or
potential voter), delineate fact from fiction and spot the bias in most
news organizations.


Finally, as a citizen, potential citizen, voter, potential voter, what

are your overall thoughts about the media? Do you trust the information

being delivered is the truth? How will you decide who you will vote

for, knowing how information is delivered and the potentiality of it

being fake, biased, etc?

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