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QEP assignment: Engaging in Art: Are You Talking to Me?

Students must attend or view one of the following: a live concert (either musical or dance), play, art
museum, a significant piece of sculpture, and, in 400-800 words, respond to the following questions. (For
students who cannot physically attend a live performance or tour an actual art museum they may discuss
with their instructor about alternate arts encounters.) Each question should use proper grammar,
punctuation, and syntax. Any outside sources should be documented using MLA citation style. Each
response must answer the question completely.

1. PURPOSE: What is the name of the artwork you are analyzing and who is the creator? Where and
when did you view this artwork? By completing this analysis, what do you wish to accomplish?

2. QUESTION AT ISSUE: Why did ________ create __________? What did she/he wish to

3. ASSUMPTIONS: Artists create art with purpose. What do you think this artist’s purpose is in creating
this work? Why do you think this?

4. INFORMATION: What historical and societal conditions and situations are influencing or motivating
the artist?

5. POINTS OF VIEW: What do others say about this artist and particular work?

6. IMPLICATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES: Is this work promoting a certain cause or rendering a moral
judgment? If so, what is the cause or judgment?

7. CONCEPTS: Are your points explained and supported in a complete and coherent manner? Are you
using correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation?

8. CONCLUSIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS: Did the artist achieve his/her goal(s)?

9. CORE VALUES: Name and define our core value for this class (personal development).

10. DECISION MAKING: Is this an artwork of value? Does this artwork convey a message that will be relevant to this and future generations?

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