I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Find a scholarly or popular article. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Find a scholarly or popular article. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. International Human Rights Law and Gender Violence Overview In the introductory part, the describes how the international human rights has been used to oppress the small societies in the world. He outlines how the international organizations has denied justice to the poor countries(Merry, 2006). The United Nations (UN) has commissions, which advocates for the protection of human rights across the world. However, the developed countries use these commissions to promote their powerful cultures over the poor countries. For example, they determine who can be charged in the international law courts and who cannot(Merry, 2006).

On another different note, the author addresses on the issue of the international system of human rights with gender violence. The main concern involves exploring the effectiveness of translation of the international laws into the indigenous societies and particularly on women. According to his remarks, he seems to be unsatisfied with the role of the local laws in curbing violence against women. To ascertain his arguments, he reviews a rape case that was removed out of court using a custom in Fiji, Southern America. Additionally, he outlines the story of a lady who decided to seek justice from the international court of law since the local courts were unjust.Despite how the international human rights system promotes cultural imperialism, the author ascertains that the system is very useful in stopping violence against women at local level(Merry, 2006).

Relationship between the International System of Human Rights and Cultural Anthropology

The piece of writing directly relates to cultural anthropology in that, it examines the sociocultural practices that hinder protection of women’s rights against violence. The article fully describes how the different communities perceive the international human rights law in relation to their local experiences. Another important aspect related to cultural anthropology is the evolution of the cultures after the end of the colonization era(Merry, 2006). During the nineteenth century, many societies resisted the human rights ideas advocated for by the international organizations such as UN. The translators had a hard time while placing the human rights in the local systems. In particular, the human rights activists and the societies conceived gender violence differently(Merry, 2006).

Some human rights ruled out women circumcision, rape and early marriages. On the other hand, the local communities justified women circumcision and early marriages as they shaped the human behaviours. Later, in the twentieth century, the human rights activists partly achieved the realization of the women’s rights in many societies. However, the journey towards achieving an international community free of gender violence is long as the author recounts(Merry, 2006).

The author implies that the local communities remain a challenge to human rights advocates for an end of gender violence. The numerous and distinct cultures across the world have not only posed a challenge to protect the women rights, but,has also retards the social, economic and political growth. International organizations have spent lots of resources in their attempts to eliminate the primitive customs, but, they have not been successful. However, lately, in 21st century, many communities have embraced and believed in change where they have promoted protection of women’s rights(Merry, 2006).

The anthropologists can best analyse the author’s arguments using the cultural anthropology aspects. The discipline focuses on the differences among societies and how they develop over time. The fact that the author is concerned much on the primitiveness of the many local societies reveals how he is unaware of the processes involved in achieving full evolution and civilization.Communities evolve over time and, therefore, no one should be scared of the failure of some communities to incorporate the international human rights activists’ ideas.


Merry, S. E. (2006). Human Rights and Transnational Culture: Regulating Gender Violence through Global Law, Chicago: Chicago University Press.


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