I need some assistance with these assignment. capitalism: for and against Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. capitalism: for and against Thank you in advance for the help! Capitalism Introduction Capitalism has basically two sets of people, the laborers and the owners. Proponents are concerned with individual wealth creation at the expense of vulnerable people providing cheap labor. However, this is the unethical nature of capitalism where wealth is concentrated on a few people, and ultimately power and the majority vulnerable people have ultimately no freedom. While evaluating either side of the argument, this paper seeks to show why capitalism is unethical.

Proponents argue that due to capitalism, which is the planet’s dominant economic system, a woman can now fully participate in political as well as social matters, and has got almost an equal chance with a man to gain power (Cudd and Holmstrom 4). It has seen the development of ideas into marketing from technology and politics from morality, as well as massive changes in the lives of girls and women. Thus, a girl can grow and develop intellectually, and eventually live a fully professional life. It is seen as a major force in women’s and the general society’s advancement. Additionally, it is viewed as a force of liberation for women around the world. Therefore, capitalism promotes equality.

On the other hand, capitalism entails having privately owned means of production. Thus, production is purely for the maximization of profit, largely for individual gain. Individuals have the exclusive right to choose what, how and where to produce. Wealth is concentrated within a few people. This means that a majority of citizens have no indirect freedom to decide where resources will be invested through the political system, as the few wealthy are also politically connected (Cudd and Holstrom 154). For marginalized groups like women, they are more affected by this through misrepresentation. They are seemingly ‘losers’ in the capitalist system that is brutally competitive and are among the most vulnerable people in the world. As such, most citizens lack freedom and power as they have to labor for the few wealthy in order to survive. The inequality of power and property is therefore the basis of a lot of exploitation for the majority. As seen when there is a financial crisis, most people live in abject poverty, while the affluent remain wealthy or even gain more wealth at the expense of the poor majority. To date, the USA controls roads, public education and sanitation systems, which if were to be left to a few controlling minorities would not be accessible to all.


Capitalism promotes equality in opportunities available to both men and women and as such a woman can develop, shape her future, and have equal chances of success with a man. However, the nature of capitalism is unfair, discriminating against other people, including women and the poor. This is exhibited by the fact that property and wealth are generally owned by a few at the expense of the poor. Thus, capitalism is not desirable as it is mostly unethical for the majority especially marginalized groups like women who have no freedom whatsoever to decide directly or indirectly where resources should be invested.

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Cudd, A. E and Nancy Holmstrom. Capitalism, For and Against: A Feminist Debate. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Print.


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