I need some assistance with these assignment. change in perception and use of information from the internet Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. change in perception and use of information from the internet Thank you in advance for the help! Change in Perception and Use of Information from the Internet Nicholas Carr essay is the thought of the existence of a force that is altering the human brain set up. Carr asserts that even though he is not losing his mind, he can tell that it is changing. This becomes clearly evident when one is reading. Reading a book or a long article used to be an easy task to many. The mind would automatically get drawn in into the narrative or argument turns enabling one to read for long periods of time sometimes without breaks. This is not the case now.

Concentration gets often lost after a few pages of reading. The mind somehow shuts down and finds an alternative activity to do. Carr explains that long gone is the in depth reading that was the default brain setting. Carr sentiments are a true representation of the present series of events. People have lost interest in in-depth reading, not because they chose to, but because their brains just will not do it anymore (Carr 45).

In the past, information got collected primarily by reading. One would have to read a book or the source of information inside out and in some cases repeatedly to lock the information obtained in the brain. This has changed now. One does not have to research or read widely in order to get information. It is all there on the internet. Information gets easily obtained through a click of a button. With a computer and access to the World Wide Web, information is literally on your screen. Sourcing information through the use of technology erodes whatever little that got left of the reading culture. As a result of continued use of readily available information on the internet, the brain becomes lazy and is re programmed (Carr 16).

Technology as a source of information has both positive and negative effects on people. First off, it allows for easy access to information. One does not need to go round looking for information. It is all there at your disposal. The internet provides a better alternative that is less time consuming and convenient to people. It also facilitates information sharing between people all over the world. On the flip side, this has led to erosion of the reading culture. No one reads books anymore. The mind shuts down and in the words of Carr. its neutral circuitry gets remapped (Carr 32).

The use of technology to gather information has led better collection of information, both in terms of quality and quantity. This is due to its efficiency, suitability, availability and convenience. However, students should apply all forms of gathering information, especially reading books. This will boost the brain capacity to source for and analyze information, rather than remaining inactive. The only way to keep your brain alive is by exercising and frequent use, in order to avoid negative changes discussed above.

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