I need some assistance with these assignment. entering the world of sexuality Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. entering the world of sexuality Thank you in advance for the help! To begin with what are teenage pregnancies? Teenage pregnancy, by definition, refers to pregnancy in a woman under the age of 20. (Focus, 2007) The general framework would be younger the woman better would be their productive organs and motherhood becomes uncomplicated and more agile. So early marriages are more common or illegal sex is the cause for teenage pregnancies. Education about the negative aspects is vital for many are ignorant about the physical effects wherein the ‘severity of gestational proteinuric hypertension’ combined with cephalopelvic disproportion which may result in failed labor. And here again depending on superstitions, many would blame the woman for failure in pregnancy or in labor. Economic effects wherein most teenagers are financially dependent on their parents and this becomes unpleasant. Further financial insecurity finds the mother undergoing trauma which in turn affects the child within.

Teenage pregnancy is a major problem for the mother and her future. Dr. Kedisaletse vividly addresses the significant issues such as pregnancy denial, parental rejection, procurement of unsafe abortion and finally abandoning the baby. This step by step reality if is presented and enables every teenage to witness reality I feel if the teenagers are mature enough and able to fight temptation and injustice abortions can be regulated. This problem does not end with abandoning the baby, Dr. Kedisaletse moves onto discuss the psychological trauma which epitomizes the mind frame of the pregnant mother- for ‘the psychological morbidity such as stress disorder and depression.’ (Focus, 2007)

So much said about the pregnant mother, but what about the effects of the baby when it is hopefully born? The truth is the child is affected by ‘low birth weight, cerebral palsy, infant disability or developmental delay.’ (Focus, 2007) Teenagers I only hope you have had the chance to read this article and see for oneself the harm and injustice done now only to you but also the child. At this stage, the question proposed is abortion is the only answer for the pregnant woman who is financially and mentally unprepared to deal with this problem? In my opinion, abortion is not the answer instead deliver the child for there are many childless couples who yearn for children but cannot have their own. Medicine is so advanced to deal with the various medical problems of the child. On the other hand, all of this can be avoided if only teenagers are responsible individuals.

Yes, I agree with Dr. Kedisaletse who insists that sex education is important for girls to be aware of the dangers of ‘unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies, use of condoms and the availability of emergency contraception.’ (Focus, 2007) Together with this, I would definitely add as religion and principles require and state that sex is only after marriage for sex is sacred and celebrates the unification of the couple similarly sex should not be portrayed as a tool not only for pleasure but spiritual as well. Family planning should be included in the idea of a small family is a happy family that must be generated.

The world is filled with beings in the form of snakes that for pleasure like Satan and the apple would tempt teenagers into sex. Most often individuals are placed in a precarious situation and should derive their will power and common sense form their wisdom. Similarly, the world is also filled with angels like antenatal services who help and provide information for as the saying goes ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

Addressing issued regarding the unborn child is remarkable for responsibility does not end with the birth. Well said ‘prevention is better than cure’ so first educating and then providing assistance through family planning and risk assessment and encouraging morals only prove that we can make this world a better place to live in and ensure that a sinful life is avoided.

Dr. Kedisaletse moves on to specify the negative issued relating to abortion. This is significantly required for the general idea is once abortion is conducted an individual is free from responsibility and commitment. ‘Education remains the key issue here”. (Focus, 2007). But reality states that the negativities of TOP are unsafe abortions result in infection, bleeding causes trauma, infertility from Asherman’s Syndrome, perforation of the uterus, uterus rupture, progression of pregnancy resulting from unsuccessful induction and psychological complications. (Focus, 2007). Teenagers, please do not shy away from these keynotes which are vital as information. I feel not only the woman should know TOP but men as well. When both are aware of the harmful after-effects I feel there would think before committing a mistake.

As every cloud has a silver lining similarly the positive as Dr. Kedisaletse has divided it into the fetal conditions and maternal conditions. Thus TOP should be decided by the responsible couples and the doctor. Practical indications the very word ‘Practical’ how apt for this current topic because combined with all categories and theory there should be the balance of practicality. Fetal indications and maternal indications are well elaborated thereby stressing the importance of not only the teenager or the pregnant mother but also the fetus for whose life depends on vital decisions. Laws and policies govern a society but ultimately it depends on every individual to utilize their conscience and to commit to the true pathway in life. I agree with the ‘pro lobby group’ who states ‘the choice on the termination of the Pregnancy act violates the constitutionally guaranteed right to life” (Focus, 2007). It is true if abortion is to be conducted I feel for the rest of one’s life the fact remains that they have committed a murder-killing their own flesh and blood. It is life performing an inhuman act. ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and religion, everyone has the right to freedom of expression………Everyone is equal before the law’ (Focus, 2007). When does life begin? For me, life begins when the idea of having illegal sex enters a teenager’s mind and this leads to conception ending in abortion. When such trauma for the woman as well as the child can be avoided then avoid the killing. The realization should be that one will not die if they do not prevent themselves from sexual activities.&nbsp.


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