I need some assistance with these assignment. how do infrastructures sape cultures of consumption Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. how do infrastructures sape cultures of consumption Thank you in advance for the help! The systems of provision again drive the consumer behavior towards waste reduction and also protection of the larger goal of water conservation. Normally, energy, water & waste management are carried out by centralized monopolies governed by the Government because they need to be run more as organizations promoting conservation rather than profit centers. In fact, their key result area would be to ensure minimum “revenues” as possible. However, if the same is privatized, the focus of the companies would be to promote as much consumption as possible to generate high revenues. Although the privatization may have been allowed by the government with an agreement of supporting conservation, the overall objective gets diluted because, from the perspective of the private infrastructure services organizations, conservation is in direct conflict with their interest which is the revenues. Hence in such a model, the consumers would also not bother about any green commitments to ecological balance as such.

This essay stresses that the government of a country provides Infrastructure Services like Transport, Water & Electricity to promote well being of the citizens and hence will be committed to subsidizing the cost to the consumers in order to make them reachable to the most unprivileged in the society. However, it needs to be clearly communicated that Infrastructure Services resulting in the consumption of natural resources (like water) that is of utmost environmental importance should not be treated as a product that can be availed as per personal choice without any commitment to the larger community & the environment. The consumers would have to be educated on the bigger picture such that they assume larger accountabilities of preservation of the natural resources thus helping in reducing wastage. This can be done by promoting products & services that help in a waste reduction without compromising on the day to day lifestyle goals of the individuals. Moreover, the services are allowed to be controlled by non-profit organizations such that the cause of environmental protection is higher on the agenda than the revenues from services.

The design of end-user utility services in large buildings & households should be done in such a way that manual avenues of saving natural resources (like water) should be provided along with signage or short instructions rather than controlling wastage through automatic means. Human behavior would override the automatic systems more often thus resulting in more wastage than conservation.


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