I need some assistance with these assignment. plagiarism among university students Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. plagiarism among university students Thank you in advance for the help! If you plagiarize you’re kidnapping and stealing others’ hard work and intellectual property (What is plagiarism? n. d). In an instructional setting, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas, or another original (not common-knowledge) material without acknowledging its source (Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: The WPA Statement on Best Practices, 2003, p.1) Preparation of literature or an essay is not an easy thing and the author may need to undergo a lot of hard work in order to prepare a paper. Nobody wants to steal their hard-earned property easily by others. Plagiarism is an addiction like alcohol or drug addiction among school and college students.

Shortcuts are the order of the current world which is actually harmful in the long run. Short term goals are given more importance by sacrificing long term goals. During their studies, most of the students will search for shortcuts in order to get good marks or grades in the examination. The current curriculum is filled with a lot of assignments that require a lot of time and effort to complete. These assignments are meant for improving the numerical, reasoning, and analytical skills which are essential for their future endeavor. But it is difficult for the students to think about the importance of these skills in the future and they will look for shortcuts to solve the assignment problems.

The negative impacts of plagiarism will be visible only when the students grow up and engage in some kind of profession. Most of the current professions require skills like numerical ability, reasoning, quick decision making, analysis, etc. Because of the underdevelopment of these skills during the studies, these people would find it extremely difficult to handle such situations. During their studies, they have access to a lot of sources which helped them getting good marks or grades. But during their professional or family life, they might not get enough help from others and will face stiff challenges.


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