I probably need 10-12 pages of this assignment. It depends on the findings. Document Preview: ACC 45

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I probably need 10-12 pages of this assignment. It depends on the findings.

Document Preview:

ACC 450/550 SUMMER 2013
Must have following:
Cover sheet with distribution list (list of who receives report – appropriate to findings, must have proper titles and names – line-up both columns – do not center each line)
Al Kaline VP Finance
Miguel Cabrera VP Engineering
Dave Bing VP Purchasing
Justin Verlander VP Human Resource
Gordie Howe AVP Controller
Dave Dombrowski VP Investor Relations
Duane Borkowski External Auditor Partner
D. Robert Okopny Chief Audit Executive
Your Name Manager, Internal Audit
Table of Contents – generally don’t use dots, and page numbers must line up
Executive Summary – decide what might be important enough for high level executives regarding your results (this is not just a repeat of the findings). Some may be important, some not.
Background – Summarize information required by key senior management based on the background data provided – Be sure to evaluate and analyze what is key to the audit report. Senior company management and the Audit Committee have limited time and would like to focus on the important areas. Use information below and you can make up anything else needed. Write as someone who is an internal auditor of Acme Corporation, not an external consulting internal auditor.
Audit Scope and Purpose – Needs to be developed based on the audit findings. Need paragraph or few lines on each. What is the scope of the audit and what is the primary purpose. Remember the definition of internal auditing.
Write up of Findings – these are the problems, issues, opportunities or whatever you want to call them
Write up of Recommendations – to fix the problems
Reply – insert a heading for a Reply for each finding, but you do not need to provide any writing as this space would normally be used by the “auditee”.
Summary, must include an overall evaluation of entity (use an appropriate key developed by you) – this is a…



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