I will pay for the following article Organizational communications:. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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I will pay for the following article Organizational communications:. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Case Study: Organizational Communications Unit 22-year-old, Liz Ruggles finds himself as a trainee for the position of a district manager at Best Foods Inc. Before being considered for the position, he underwent through a series of interviews in which he emerged the top candidate. The interviewer for the first interview was John Alamo, who served as the District manager. The Director of Operations, John Jupsen, conducted the second one while the final one was conducted by the Vice-President of Best foods Inc, Baden Winder. The interviews were done in as systematic order in order to expose the interviewees to employees at different cadres in a progressive fashion.

When Ruggles was called by Baden and informed about his consideration for the position, it was all joy for him. In his first day, he was very cheerful and had a lot of expectations and positive energy. Before being fully incorporated in the job as fully-fledged district managers, Ruggles and his five colleagues were required to undergo a rigorous training for one year. This was meant to equip them to be conversant with the organization and be able to handle different operations that come with their job description. Beginning the first day, the training was so stringent. the Vice-President and the Director of the Store Operations delivered so much content to the trainees. Since Ruggles was not exposed to such an environment, he was amused at the amount of knowledge that was disseminated to them. In addition, a number of manuals were presented, which the trainees were required to be conversant with in a matter of months.

As days turned into weeks and months, Ruggles began acclimatizing with the organization. However, there was so much to learn. During the District managers meeting with Operations Manager and Vice-President, they were also allowed to participate. However, Ruggles failed to understand some of the language used. This signified the essence of the extensive training so that the trainees could be fully equipped for every organizational operation. Based on his high expectations, Ruggles failed to understand the reason why he had to be placed under a store manager, yet he was a district manager. The essence of doing this was to communicate to him the essence of working with others irrespective of their positions. In addition, he stood a chance of having a broad understanding from the experience of the store manager.

When he was almost winding up his eleventh month, Ruggles gets a fully paid scholarship in addition to being offered a position to teach at the entry level for the period he would be in school. With only a month to make the decision, Ruggles was confronted with the challenge of deciding to leave the job that he had trained for or leave alone the scholarship. Bearing in mind that the graduate school does not give him any advantage in his current job the choice should be between quitting the job and turning down the scholarship. In this regard, the decision should be personalized. if the persuasion is inclined towards considering another career, then he should go to graduate school. On the other hand, if there is job satisfaction in his current job, he should consider retaining the job. However, from the evaluation of the case, Ruggles did not love the job but anticipated that after the training he would be freer and more satisfied. This cannot be the case. Therefore, he should consider resigning his job and getting to graduate school.


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