Informational Technology Database Concepts

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This Assignment requires the use of Microsoft Access along with Microsoft Word


You must have the Access Database system installed for this assignment.

Use the Books2010 database from Course Resources. You will Import the Books2010 database into Access.

Browse to the database file and double click on the file. The database will load in Access. Using the schema in the Books2010 database, write SQL statements for these questions:

  1. All authors that wrote a Romance book
  2. All authors that wrote a Romance book and a travel book
  3. The title of every business book
  4. All books priced less than $20
  5. All books published after July of 2010
  6. All books published in June of 2010
  7. All employees hired in 2000, last name and hire date
  8. Salary for all authors in alpha order, use full name
  9. All publishers not in the US
  10. All publishers that are located in New York and Boston

In a word document copy each of the questions in BOLD.

After each question, place the SQL statement in text.

After the text, place the screen shot of the execution from Access.

Start a new page with the next question.

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